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Hi! I’m Sam. The adventurer, photographer and blogger behind Checkoutsam. In the meantime I’ve already seen 50+ countries and I don’t expect to stop my voyages any time soon! Follow me and stay up-to-date on all of my travel stories, beautiful pictures and handy travel tips.

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If you have arrived on this website, you probably want to go travelling soon. There are so many locations, sights and possibilities that sometimes you just don’t know what to choose anymore. Therefore, let me help.
My name is Sam and I got tackled by the travel bug quite early. Ever since I was little I loved exploring other places. As I got older, I decided to also travel outside of Europe. And since then… I always am travelling!
I live in Belgium, but I personally think I’m quite an international guy. I’ve lived in Holland for a year, and more than two years in the United States of America. When I go visit or live in another country I always try to find interesting (and secret!) places, sights and things to do. But why keep them to myself?

On this website you will find extensive and informative articles about countries, cities, places and everything there is to see abroad or even in your own country! I try to give tips about accommodation, saving money and the absolute must-see’s and do’s for wherever you are.

Welcome and have a safe journey!

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Places to see the remains of the Berlin Wall today

Berlin wall today

The east and west of Germany were completely separated from each other in 1961 when the construction of the Berlin Wall was completed. During the Cold War era under the leadership of DDR leader Walter Ulbricht and Soviet leader Nikitia Chroesjtsjov, the capital was given a concrete wall that was supposed to prevent people moving between east and west. The …

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Visiting the TV tower of Berlin: the Fernsehturm

The history of the TV tower started in the former GDR (DDR) district of Berlin, the east side of the city. The city would get a television tower outside the city center. Due to financial problems and time pressure from the board, Alexanderplatz was chosen as a location. The installation was led by German architect Hermann Henselmann, who invented its …

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Visiting the Blegny mine in Liège

mine of blegny

The Blegny mine was opened in 1779, but it was only after a second opening in 1919 that the mine became really big. After a few setbacks -one of the two shafts was bombed during World War two- the capacity produced visibly increased. At its peak almost 700 people worked in this relatively small mine. In the mine, dozens of …

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