The 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Amsterdam

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Of all cities in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is still one of my favorites. The city offers something for everyone. It's dynamic and true heaven for foodies. Every week, a new restaurants seems to open the doors, and more and more vegetarian restaurants in Amsterdam seem to pop-up. Vegetarian or vegan food has become increasingly popular in recent years. More and more people choose a meal or a day without meat, both for their health and for the ecological benefits.
There is no lack of possibilities for vegetarian food in Amsterdam! In this article, I've listed the 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Amsterdam for you.

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vegetarian restaurants amsterdam

Bar James

Bar James opened their doors in 2016 and is a very hip and very popular vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam. They serve delicious meals from morning until late, but you can also just buy a refreshing drink and continue to enjoy the vibe here until the early hours. Be sure to try the vegan burger or go for a cozy fondue. Bar James is reasonably affordable for Amsterdam standards.

Address: Javastraat 49

Meatless District

If you’re looking for a modern vegan restaurant in Amsterdam, then Meatless District is definitely worth a visit! Everything on the menu at Meatless District is vegetarian, but also organic, seasonal and as much local as possible. The vegan cuisine is anything but boring. I love the delicious vegetable burgers in this restaurant. Prices at the Meatless District are really not to steep for eating out in Amsterdam. The Meatless District is open daily for lunch and dinner and also for breakfast during the weekends.

Address: Bilderdijkstraat 65-67 H

meatless district amsterdam vegan restaurant

If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam, you should try out Meatless Distict!

De Bolhoed

Do you want more choice for vegetarian food in Amsterdam? Then ‘De Bolhoed’ (Dutch for bowler hat) is another great find! This restaurants are a well-known organic and vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam. The restaurant was built in a very nice and cozy building next to the canals at the Jordaan. The restaurant has a bit of an alternative atmosphere, which immediately makes you feel at home. I especially enjoyed the vegetarian classics, and it’s also great that the prices here aren’t over the top. The restaurant is open 7 days a week for both lunch and healthy, tasty dinner.

Address: Prinsengracht 62

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Also in the ‘hip vegan restaurant in Amsterdam category’ you’ll find the new Vegan Junk Food Bar. You’ll love it here if you want a delicious snack, such as a burger, a shoarma sandwich, ‘bitterballen‘ (a Dutch ‘delicacy’) or onion rings. Everything on the menu is vegan so vegans and vegetarians will both love it here. The portions you get here are quite big and not very expensive. The Vegan Junk Food Bar is open from noon until late.

Address: Staringplein 22

The Food Halls (‘Foodhallen’)

At the ‘Foodhallen’ you take place at a table wherever you want and then you can get snacks at various stands. There are plenty of vegetarian options available in the Food halls and therefore this famous Amsterdam attraction can not be missed in this list of my favorite vegetarian restaurants in Amsterdam. Since there are also a lot of restaurants that do offer meat, you can go here with your non-vegetarian friends. Great vegetarian or vegan places are among others: Maza, Fento, Padrón and Mr. Temaki. The vegetable snacks at Padrón and the meze at Maza still make my mouth water! The stalls aren’t too cheap, but in return you have the opportunity to meet with many different kitchens and cultures. You can find the Food halls in Amsterdam-West.

Address: Bellamyplein 51

padron vegetarian restaurant amsterdam foodhallen

Padron, a great vegetarian restaurant for when you’re visiting Amsterdam in search of vegetarian cuisine!


DopHert is not just a vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam, it was the first vegan lunchroom that opened in the city. Since then, Dophert is a truly established name among vegetarians and vegans because you can eat delicious and surprisingly at affordable prices. The atmosphere is relaxed and the decor is clean and modern. Some recommendations are the delicious cakes and the vegan toasted sandwiches. You can visit DopHert for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Address: Spaarndammerstraat 49-H


At SNCKBR you can enjoy guilty pleasures, but then as a healthier alternative. If you’re looking for a cozy hot spot for vegetarian food in Amsterdam then you should definitely come here. A great thing they have on their menu is the vegan variation of the Walk Like An Egyptian. You can visit SNCKBR for a full breakfast, lunch and of course dinner. Of course you can also just go for a quick bite or drink to go. The prices are reasonable. SNCKBR has 2 branches in Amsterdam. So you’re always close! 😉

Address: 34 Woustraat and 106-108 Kinkerstraat

SNCKBR Amsterdam vegetarian restaurant

One of the many tasty dishes served at SNCKBR Amsterdam.

The Meets

The Meets is a partly vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam. Don’t get scared, because the vast majority of the menu is vegetarian. They work with local, organic and fair products free from refined sugar and harmful additives. Be sure to try the Shakshuka or The Meets Platter with some delicious snacks. Some dishes are on the pricey side, but once you put them in your mouth you won’t complain anymore! The Meets is open 7 days a week.

Address: Cornelis Troostplein 3

Sir Hummus

This cozy business in De Pijp was Amsterdam’s first hummus restaurant and is still very popular because of its unmatched hummus and the delicious hot pita bread. Do you want to have a tasty vegetarian lunch in Amsterdam? Then Sir Hummus is really recommended. The hummus is served with various toppings of your choice and all of them are vegetarian. The prices may perhaps seem a bit high, but the huge portions you get back account for the prices. You can visit the restaurant for lunch and dinner.

Address: Van der Helstplein 2

sir hummus vegetarian restaurant amsterdam

Sir Hummus is cosy and cute, but it’s mainly the great food that makes me come here quite often!

Spirit Amsterdam

Of all the vegetarian restaurants in Amsterdam, the buffet restaurant ‘Spirit’ is very special and a must for breakfast, dinner or a tasty vegetarian lunch in Amsterdam. Everything here is made with respect for humans, animals, the environment and the economy, and it just makes it a little nicer to pick all those delights when you know that. You can make your own meal here and pay only for what you have taken. So it can be as cheap or expensive as you want. You can visit Spirit daily.

Address: Czaar Peterstraat 2-a

Excursions in Amsterdam

Of course there is more to do in Amsterdam than just fill your belly with tasty vegetarian food! Once you’ve stuffed yourself in a vegetarian restaurant, you can head out and explore the city as well. Here are some fun trips you can book:

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