The 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Rotterdam

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The Netherlands has a lot of vegetarian and vegan hotspots. I already discussed my ten favorite vegetarian restaurants in Amsterdam, now I do the same for Rotterdam!
In recent years, Rotterdam has gained popularity as a cozy city with a bustling nightlife and great shopping opportunities. New hotspots open the doors at a fast pace, and the offer of vegetarian food in Rotterdam has been growing non-stop.
In the center as well as in many other popular neighborhoods you can visit a vegetarian restaurant for a surprisingly tasty menu. I have made a list of the 10 nicest and most surprising vegetarian restaurants in Rotterdam, using the tips from some locals.

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    Vegetarian restaurants in Rotterdam

    Uit Je Eigen Stad

    ‘Uit Je Eigen Stad’ (translation: from your own city) is an initiative that has made locals aware of local and fresh food since 2012. This restaurant has a town farm where you can have lunch and dinner, and another location at Rotterdam Central Station. Although the complete menu isn’t solely vegetarian, you have more than enough options as a vegetarian. For example, choose the ‘Salad Uit Je Eigen Stad’, with delicious seasonal vegetables, or the soup of the day. The dishes are on the pricey side, but keep in mind that you’re supporting local entrepreneurs.

    Address: Marconistraat 39 and at the central station: Proveniensplein 24-a


    SUE Store

    SUE is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Rotterdam center where you can taste the special and tasty treats made entirely without sugar. Also for a breakfast or an extensive lunch this is a perfect place. The menu is not only vegetarian and vegan, but also gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and raw. I definitely recommended this place for a responsible, tasty and affordable meal. Also, try one of their “bites”, absolutely delicious!

    Address: Karel Doormanstraat 372

    sue store rotterdam vegetarian restaurant

    It looks yummy, it is yummy and it’s a lot healthier then elsewhere!

    Gare du Nord

    Gare du Nord is a biological restaurant in Rotterdam that is highly loved by vegetarians and vegans. It’s probably the most famous vegetarian restaurant in Rotterdam and because it’s located in an old train wagon, a dinner here is a special experience. All dishes are prepared with organic, local and seasonal ingredients. Every week, the new menu is announced on Facebook, so you always eat something surprising and new for a great price.

    Address: Anthoniestraat 2


    The Markthal

    The Market Hall (Markthal) in Rotterdam is not one restaurant, but a special experience that you shouldn’t miss while visiting Rotterdam. You can get a variety of fresh groceries at the Markthal, but there are also many restaurants where you can enjoy delicious and vegetarian food in various price ranges. You will find Jamie’s Italian, Le Souq and Firma Pickles for example. When heading to Firma Pickles, I recommend to take the New Zealand Kumera Burger, a veggie burger made out of sweet potato.

    Address: Nieuwstraat, opposite to the Rotterdam Blaak train station

    Markthal vegetarian restaurant Rotterdam

    In the Markthal you’ll find lots of vegetarian (and non-vegetarian) options for food.

    Restaurant GYS

    GYS is a organic restaurant in Rotterdam where you can enjoy snacks and drinks prepared with local products as much as possible. Restaurant GYS is not specifically a vegetarian restaurant in Rotterdam, but as a vegetarian you have plenty of choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. For example, try the vegetarian ‘kapsalon’ or the black bean carrot burger. Although the sandwiches and desserts are sometimes on the more expensive side, you can order a delicious main course at GYS for a nice price.

    Address: Nieuwe Binnenweg 182


    Heavenly Cupcakes

    Heavenly Cupcakes is the first vegan patisserie in Rotterdam. In this lunchroom, all the sweets are made completely with vegetable products. You can sit at Heavenly Cupcakes for lunch or a snack. Choose for a delicious pastry or a cupcake, a sandwich or soup of the day. Recommendations include the oreo cupcake, the Persian love cake and of course The Dutch Weed Burger. The range of Heavenly Cupcakes is also very affordable, which makes it even more attractive to order an extra cake.

    Address: Nieuwe Binnenweg 244


    Fenix ​​Food Factory

    Although you can’t find one particular vegetarian restaurant in the Fenix ​​Food Factory of Rotterdam, this special sight is just outside the center for everyone to visit. In the beautiful industrial building there are several restaurants and shops where you can buy delicious products from. Jordy’s Bakery organizes a variety of options for breakfast and/or lunch daily, in collaboration with other entrepreneurs, other activities and tastings take place with vegetarian options. At the Fenix ​​Food Factory you will enjoy local specialties in a very cozy atmosphere for and for a very affordable price. As if that’s not enough, you’ll also have a beautiful view of Rotterdam.

    Address: Veerlaan 19-d

    fenix food factory vegetarian options

    The view from the Fenix Food Factory is amazing!

    De Kade

    ‘De Kade’ (the Quay) is a special Asian-Surinamese restaurant and although the menu is no longer entirely vegetarian, it’s still the most popular vegetarian Chinese in Rotterdam. Much of the menu of restaurant ‘De Kade’ consists of vegetarian specialties and especially the vegetarian chicken curry is highly recommended. The menu is very diverse and the unique atmosphere of the location ensures that the restaurant is accessible to all. If you’re looking for a vegetarian Chinese in Rotterdam then ‘De Kade’ is a tasty and affordable one.

    Address: West Kruiskade 17-b



    With a name like ‘Burgertrut’ (You can translate it like ‘burger bitch’) this restaurant of course took my attention right away! Burgertrut is a lovely concept in Rotterdam because of the very tasty, surprising and especially tasty hamburgers. The building has a nice and somewhat different atmosphere and although the offer is not entirely vegetarian, you’ll certainly love it here as a vegetarian. Burgertrut is a favorite vegetarian restaurant in Rotterdam city center for many. Definitely try the vegan ‘kapsalon’ or the vegan pulled pork or the spicy burger made of chickpeas or the… You get it; There’s plenty of delicacies to find here!

    Address: Delftseplein 39

    firma pickles vegetarian restaurant rotterdam

    Not a picture of ‘Burgertrut’, but one from Firma Pickles. There you can also get delicious vegetarian hamburgers.


    Although Bazar is not one of Rotterdam’s full-on vegetarian restaurants, this place must be included in this list. At Bazar you enjoy the delicious and surprising North African and Middle Eastern cuisine. For delicious vegetarian food in Rotterdam you must definitely get in here. Try the Tepsi Boregi or the Vegetarian Bizar Bazar consisting of grilled mushroom skewers with a stew of beans and plums, falafel and grilled artichoke. The restaurant’s interior design is in line with the kitchen, which makes a visit to Bazar even more interesting. You can go to Bazar for breakfast, lunch or a very extensive dinner and the dishes are all affordable.

    Address: Witte de Withstraat 16


    Spirit Rotterdam

    The most famous vegetarian restaurant in Rotterdam is undoubtedly the Spirit restaurant. This buffet restaurant makes all dishes with respect for human, animal, environment and economy. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can choose from a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan options. Of course, you only pay for what you took.

    Address: Mariniersweg 9 in Rotterdam

    spirit restaurant rotterdam vegetarian restaurant

    A vegetarian buffet restaurant in Rotterdam? Then you should go to Spirit!

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