10 places to see in Singapore

Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and Western influences make Singapore a very interesting and diverse destination. It's also the most green city in Asia and you'll immediately notice that everywhere. Add the delicious food to it and you immediately know why you have to book a ticket to Singapore. To convince you even more, I would like to give you the ten most beautiful places to see in Singapore.


1. Chinatown

Admittedly, it’s kind of weird to start our list of the main attractions of Singapore with Chinatown, but it’s all for a good reason. This is the location where many Chinese immigrants settled when Singapore was still a British colony. To get a better view of what their life looked like, you should be in the Chinatown Heritage Center. But you can’t miss Chinatown for another important reason too, and that’s the abundance of excellent food you find here. One of the most famous Singaporean dishes is Chili Crab and here you can find the best crab in the city. It’s also nice that from here you have a beautiful view over the skyline of Singapore.

buddha tooth relic temple chinatown singapore

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in the Chinatown of Singapore. This must be one of the most impressive buildings in the city.

2. Marina Sands Bay

Where should I start with perhaps the most iconic building in the city?! The Marina Sands Bay is without a doubt one of the major attractions of Singapore. It’s a hyper-luxurious resort located in the beautiful Marina Bay. In the hotel you have 2561 rooms, the largest casino in the world (500 tables and 1600 slot machines), seven star restaurants, an indoor skating rink, a museum, a shopping center, two theaters and so on.
The cherry on this eight billion euro cake is the 340 meter (1115 feet) long SkyPark with a capacity for 3900 people and its breathtaking infinity swimming pool. Unfortunately, only hotel guests can swim here, but if you still want to enjoy the amazing view you can buy a ticket for the observation platform ($23 for adults and $17 for children between two and twelve). Or you can just go to the “C’Est La Vie rooftop bar” and spend your money on a delicious drink.
Do you want to stay in this luxurious hotel? Then be prepared to spend several hundred euros! Compare prices via Booking and Agoda.

marina sands bay things to do in singapore

Many people see many different things in the hotel. What do you think it resembles?

3. The Botanical Gardens

This is one of the oldest parks in the city and the birthplace of the Singaporean orchid. These gardens occupy an enormous part of central Singapore and provide a home to more than 10,000 plants and animals, including the somewhat terrifying monitor lizards.
When you’re here, it almost feels as if you’re walking through a tropical rainforest, far away from a large modern metropolis. The park is open every day from 5 in the morning until midnight and you can enter for free. So you have no excuses to miss out on this!

singapore tourist spots botanical gardens

Some tourist spots of Singapore aren’t very crowded with tourists. And the botanical gardens are one of those!

4. Gardens by the Bay

The botanical gardens may well be larger, but the Gardens by the Bay is perhaps the most famous garden in the city. The highlight here is the futuristic SuperTree Grove, where you will find eighteen vertical gardens in these huge metal trees. These have a length of 25 to 50 meters (82 to 164 ft) and are incredibly beautiful to see. The park is in line with the city’s strategy to transform the metropolis from “Garden City” to “City in a garden”. I can only encourage such initiatives!

gardens by the bay singapore things to see

The ‘Gardens By The Bay’ are beautiful, but for me they have something very scary at the same time…

5. Universal Studios

When hearing Universal Studios, most people think of the amusement park in Orlando and the smaller version in Japan.
However, this one is the first amusement park of that name in Southeast Asia and there are 24 attractions, 18 of which are unique or have been specially adapted for the park. Adults pay about 60 dollars for a ticket, children between four and twelve years pay about 40 dollars. Avoid long queues and buy your tickets online.

what to do in singapore universal studios

Are you visiting with children, or do you want to feel like a child yourself again? Universal Studios Singapore is one of the nicest theme parks in the world!

6. Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is most likely the most fashionable neighborhood in Singapore. You will find numerous restaurants, nice bars and trendy discos, of which Zirca is the best known. Shoppers will also find something to their liking in The Central shopping center. In addition, it’s also a very nice place to take a walk in the evening and admire the illuminated Singapore skyline.

clarke quay singapore sightseeing

Especially in the evening and at night it looks nice here. The great bars and cafes, and the flashy lighting make this one of the nicest places in the city!

7. Raffles Hotel

With all those hypermodern skyscrapers and freshly landscaped parks, people sometimes forget the more authentic side of Singapore. Still, it should come as no surprise that the Raffles Hotel is authentic but also very luxurious. The beautiful colonial architecture dates back from 1887 and celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Elizabeth II and even Michael Jackson have stayed here. On top of all of that, this is the place where the famous ‘Singapore Sling’ cocktail was invented. Are you curious about what a night here would cost? Check it out on Booking or Agoda, but don’t freak out…

raffles hotel singapore

If you prefer not to pay the hefty price tag of the Raffles hotel, you can still walk in unobtrusively.

8. Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest observation wheel and one of Singapore’s most extraordinary sights. The diameter of the Flyer is 150 meters (492 feet), it is 165 meters high (541 feet, and thus 30 meters or 98 feet higher than The London Eye) and reaches a speed of 0.21 meters per second (0,7 ft per second). The view is magnificent both during the day and in the evening, so it’s hard to say when it’s best to take a ride on the Flyer.

things to do in Singapore

The view you get from the Singapore Flyer is breathtakingly beautiful!

9. Sentosa

Sentosa is Malaysian for “peace and tranquility” and that’s exactly why this is the ideal place to relax in Singapore. It’s a popular resort that is visited by more than twenty million visitors a year, so relaxation is relative. The top attractions here are undoubtedly the mile long beach, the two golf courses and the previously mentioned Universal Studios Singapore.

sentosa singapore

Relax after your visit to Universal studios on this tranquil island. The bustle of Singapore can be tiring, you know!

10. Night Safari

The night safari is one of the most unique places to visit in Singapore. It offers a nightly look in the animal kingdom, with more than 59 exhibitions and 1000 animals from all over the world. The most gorgeous animals are the Himalayan vultures, Indian rhinos, wildebeest and gazelles.
Here’s an extra tip: watch the twenty-minute show ‘Creatures of the Night’ to have a nice overview of all the animals that you can see here. Adults pay about 35 dollars eros for a ticket, kids pay 25 dollars.

night safari singapore owl

An owl during the night safari They may even see you better than you see them!

So in Singapore there is plenty to do for a few days. From here you can also easily take the bus to Kuala Lumpur and explore Malaysia. But don’t forget to try the Chili Crab with a Singapore Sling first!

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