3 Great restaurants in Fez

Written by Sam Van den Haute aka CheckOutSam

In Fez there are plenty of great places for food lovers!
Due to the frequent flow of tourists, there are many restaurants in Fez that are worth visiting. During my four day stay I visited quite some nice establishments but these three were my absolute favorites:

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    Palais Amani - Restaurant Fez

    From the rooftop of the Palais Amani you get a great view over the courtyard and the medina of Fez.

    Drinks or a quick bite: Palais Amani

    It may sound strange in an article about the best restaurants in Fez, but I didn’t find the food in Palais Amani exceptionally good…
    For a two-course menu (main course and dessert) and a 7UP I paid €25 ($28). That’s a lot of money. That’s a looooot of money in Morocco, where you can usually eat for less than €10.

    The food was definitely not bad, but for a more expensive restaurant in Morocco you just expect more. I ordered fries with a chicken sate, and for dessert a creamy cake. And to be honest, I found that all the other (cheaper!) restaurants we went to had served better food.

    palais amani eden restaurant fez

    A chicken saté with fries at the Palais Amani. I was expecting more of it! But luckily the interior and the roof terrace are marvelous!

    But why is this restaurant on this list then?
    The restaurant is breathtakingly beautiful.

    After giving a firm knock onto the grand wooden door, you are guided inside and sooner or later your mouth will drop open.
    A giant courtyard, featuring beautiful fountains and plants stretches out for you. This definitely must be one of the most beautiful places ever that I had dinner in.

    Because if this beauty, I recommend going here for a quick bite or a cocktail. This way you’ll see the beautiful restaurant, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on food that’s not spectacularly delicious.

    Palais Amani Eden Restaurant Fez

    Too bad I didn’t take my DSLR camera with me to this restaurant… All pictures I took were made with my Iphone.

    Traditional Moroccan food: Dar Tajine

    Deeply hidden in the medina’s labyrinth you’ll find Dar Tajine. When Google Maps finds it difficult to find the correct location of the restaurant, the signage will effortlessly lead you to the right place!

    View from Dar Tajine

    The view from the roof terrace at Dar Tajine.

    It’s a bit of a climb to get to the restaurant’s rooftop terrace, but once you’ve arrived you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Medina and the neighbors’ drying underpants!
    While you are waiting for your big pile of food, it’s possible that a less pleasant smell strokes your nostrils.
    A little further down one of the larger tanneries in Fez is located.

    The menu of Dar Tajine doesn’t seem particularly extensive, but once your waiter puts down all the food on your table… Wow!
    Be sure to try the mix of Moroccan salads and together with that, order one other dish. We were with two people, but we got so much food that we had to leave half of it.

    In total we paid less than €10 ($11) per person, drinks included.

    dar tajine fez

    A warning: your stomach may well explode after eating all of this delicious food!

    Moroccan mixed with European food: Café Clock

    Without a doubt my favorite restaurant in Fez. We loved it so much that we even went there twice. And when I heard that there was also a Café Clock in Marrakech, I went there too!

    camel burger café clock fez

    The burgers in Café Clock are yummy! Definitely try the camel burger or the lamb burger. Both are delicious!

    Café clock is near the Bab Boujloud and is therefore very centrally located in Fes’s medina.
    The three-storey restaurant is especially popular with travelers, and that’s all because of the delicious mix of Moroccan and European food they offer.

    After a delicious main course you can try one of the sweet desserts, and finish with a fresh lemonade or delicious milkshake.

    Not only is the food excellent. The friendly waiters and the beautiful view of the roof terrace are phenomenal.
    When you head down to settle the bill, we initially thought they made an error. Because the food here is quite cheap! Especially for what you get in return!
    For a main course, dessert, milkshake and a drink I paid €10.

    If there is one restaurant you have to try in Fez, then it’s Café Clock.

    falafel café clock fez

    The falafel of Café Clock is yummy yummy yummy!

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