The 5 best places to visit in Luxembourg

Luxembourg may be small, there is more than enough to do and see to please nature and culture lovers for a weekend (or longer!).
There are dozens of stately castles in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, but you'll also find beautiful villages and breathtaking nature. Are you heading to the second smallest country of Europe soon? Then Don't forget to pay a visit to these sights.

places to visit in Luxembourg

Castle Vianden

Forty-five minutes from the capital city (Luxembourg City) lies the most famous castle in Luxembourg: Castle Vianden.
On the spot where once a Roman fortress stood, was then placed a Carolingian castle and later it was occupied and embellished with Romanesque and Gothic features. As is the case with castles, power also changed several times until ,after many transfers, it eventually became state property.
Since then you can also visit the stately fortress. For €7 (and €2 for an audio guide) you can enter the royal rooms.
Inside you’ll find an armory and some rooms decorated with historical objects (especially the kitchen I liked!). In my opinion, it’s mainly the exterior of the castle that is impressive. The gigantic fort towers above the whole city and therefore creates a special skyline.

castle vianden things to do in Luxembourg

The Vianden castle is located in the Luxembourg Ardennes. Especially the outside I liked to see.

The casemates

Luxembourg was well-liked in its long history! The beautiful capital was taken over several times by foreign rulers and they made it one of the strongest fortresses in the world. With the help of a strong defense (24 forts and many other reinforcements!) this city seemed impossible to conquer. Under all these military structures, another 23 km (14,29 miles) of passages were excavated: the so-called casemates. Thousands of soldiers could hide here during possible attacks (with horses, by the way). In fact, everything was thought of here. If long periods of war broke out, then that didn’t even cause a big problem. There were also bakeries, butchers, and blacksmiths in the casemates. Actually, you could best describe these casemates as an underground city.

Unfortunately, most of the forts and fortifications that were once standing above the casemates were demolished because of the neutral status of Luxembourg in WW I. However, the casemates still exist and now provide a unique insight into the rich history of Luxembourg. On the way you’ll be amazed by the vastness of these underground corridors. In the dark labyrinth you also see a lot of holes from where cannons and other weapons of war could be fired. Prepare yourself for a lot of stairs and sometimes some uneasy paths. Fortunately, you’ll get a beautiful view over Luxembourg for all this trouble!

casemates luxembourg places to visit

The casemates of Luxembourg have an impressive history. Unbelievable that people have ever manually excavated all of this!

bock casemates luxembourg things to see

There are two casemates that you can visit in Luxembourg: the Bock casemates (photo) and the Pétrusse casemates

The Cathedral of Luxembourg

Right in the center is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Luxembourg: the Notre Dame.
The exterior alone is impressive. The towers of the cathedral seem so sharp that it looks as if it’s going to pierce a hole in the air. Although the exterior is already impressive, it is mainly the inside that needs all of your attention.
The sunrays that fall on the gigantic stained glass windows ensure that the interior turns into a colorful painting. On the sides of this large cathedral you’ll find beautiful carved woodwork and an impressive organ on the back. Moreover, this building is within walking distance of the Vallée de la Pétrusse, another great highlight of Luxembourg.

cathedral of luxembourg

The cathedral of Luxembourg seen from the outside.

notre dame luxembourg highlights

The fine carvings and the many stained glass windows are breathtakingly beautiful. Especially the window at the front of the church is impressive!

Vallée de la Pétrusse

The Vallée de la Pétrusse is a gigantic city park that divides the center of the capital into two parts. Deep in a valley lies this green oasis of peace while just a few dozen meters higher the busy city life just continues.
In the park you’ll find a lot of greenery, but also a nice playground for children and some historic sights (you can see the casemates from here for example). Above the park, the impressive Passerelle towers: a Roman aqueduct of no less than 290 meters (951,5 ft) long that spans the valley and the Pétrusee river.
If you cross the street from the Notre Dame Cathedral, you get a very nice view over the Vallée de la Pétrusse and the surrounding buildings. In any case, it’s actually impossible to miss this park, because it takes up about half of Luxembourg city.

vallee de la petrusse luxembourg

One of the most remarkable sights in Luxembourg city. Now say so for yourself: this city park looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

The Luxembourg Ardennes (Éislek)

The Belgian Ardennes are adjacent to those of Luxembourg. Just like in Belgium, hiking enthusiasts will be able to get a breath of fresh air here while they walk through beautiful surroundings. The trees grow snugly against each other and thus cast a gigantic shadow surface over the vast hilly landscapes of Luxembourg. As a result, it’s particularly wonderful to explore this area during the summer. Not only hikers, but also cyclists will like it.

In addition to the extensive nature, the Éislek region also has many beautiful castles (and many ruins) on its foundations. The most famous of these is the Vianden castle. In the Luxembourg Ardennes you will of course also find some protected nature parks. Here you can try to spot wildlife or simply enjoy the untainted nature. Would you like some variety? In this region you’ll also find some of the cutest and most beautiful villages in Luxembourg!

luxembourg ardennes eislek

The Éislek region (the Luxembourg Ardennes) is best known for the beautiful nature, but also the charming villages are worth a stopover.


Just about every city or village in Luxembourg looks cute, but Larochette is still one of the nicest places. High above this small town there are two castles towering, which are quietly taken over by the forests that surround the rest of the city.
Although the city has many beautiful and historic sights, I still find the view of the city impressive. So: put yourself down on one of the terraces with a nice drink and enjoy the beautiful scenery to the fullest.

luxembourg larochette

Nature and city blend together beautifully in Larochette.

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  1. Sarah Cummings says:

    Larochette looks amazing! Would love to visit Luxembourg. What’s the food like there? Thanks for the advice!

    • It really is quite awesome! There’s a lot of magical castles, so you won’t do wrong coming here. The food is absolutely yummy. A bit pricy, but you pay for what you get: great food!

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