The 6 best beaches in Sicily

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The island of Sicily is located in the south of Italy and is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Making a selection from all this natural beauty is basically impossible, but I tried doing it anyway.
On this surprisingly big island (It's only a little bit smaller than Belgium, for instance.) you'll find sandy beaches and rocky beaches, and you can enjoy transparent blue oceans. In some places the beaches of Sicily itself are so beautiful that they reminded me of some beaches of the Caribbean.
Prepare your beach holiday in Sicily with this informative article, and with photos of these paradisiacal places.

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best beaches in Sicily Mondello



There is a good chance that you will land in Palermo or at least spend a bit of time there. At less than ten kilometers (6.2 miles) from this bustling city you’ll find the beautiful Mondello. A sandy beach with turquoise waters that you may have only encountered in your dreams.

During the high season it can get very busy, but after the busiest months it’s still wonderful to visit and if you are lucky you can even get the beach for yourself!
On a small part of the beach you can rent beach chairs, but the largest part is free to enter.

Since it can be very touristy here, the prices (and the quality…) of many restaurants isn’t that great. Luckily I got this tip from a local: to eat delicious (and dirt cheap!), You should check out the ‘Meat Shop’ (Viale P. Di Scalea 11/13). Very tasty food, and very friendly owners. Moreover, it’s also very close to a less crowded part of the beach.

mondello beach sicily

Would you just look at that water? Believe me… This is paradise!


Another popular day trip from Palermo is Cefalu. From Palermo Centrale you can get to the seaside resort in less than an hour by train.
The city itself is so beautiful that it’s in several described as one of the most beautiful small Italian cities.

From the station of Cefalu it takes about fifteen minutes to reach the beach. There are actually two beaches, one for which you can rent chairs (€12 for two beach chairs) and a little further one where you can sit in the sand for free.
The beach area of Cefalu is quite small, so it can get crowded quickly.
During the top months you’ll occasionally be bothered by salesmen and masseuses. Fortunately they are not very intrusive!

If you’re tired of sunbathing, you should certainly also explore the city itself. Be sure to visit the beautiful cathedral or get deliberately lost in the narrow streets. You’ll encounter some hidden treasures wherever you go in this quaint village.

cefalu beach sicily

Next to the beach of Cefalu you’ll also find an embankment where you can do some people watching.

Scala dei Turchi

Sandy beaches are of course a lot more pleasant to spend your holiday on, and if they’re also accompanied by a gorgeous natural setting… Perfection! The ‘staircase of the Turks’ or the Scala dei Turchi is located in the south of Sicily and can only be reached by private transport.
Due to the constant movement of the waves the rocks have started to wear off, and as a result the white stone has now taken the form of a staircase.
After a (sometimes steep!) climb you reach one of the two sandy beaches that lies in the middle of this natural beauty.

Splash in the water or enjoy the sun, but above all … Enjoy the beautiful view from what must be one of the best beaches in Sicily!

scala dei turchi best beaches sicily

The white rocks are in sharp contrast with the blue water and the salmon-colored sand. Magnificent!

San Vito Lo Capo

Between Palermo and Trapani lies one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. San Vito Lo Capo is a sandy beach of about two kilometers (a mile) long that’s often occupied by many tourists. Logical, because who wouldn’t want to relax in such a paradisiacal setting?!
Behind the sandy beach looms a large cliff that makes the landscape of San Vito Lo Capo even more beautiful. This dark hill stands in sharp contrast with the almost fluorescent blue sea and the colorful parasols and beach chairs on the beach.

Personally, I think the beginning of the beach is the best part to be. Here you’ll get a beautiful panorama of San Vito Lo Capo and the beautiful cliff, and besides, the beach here isn’t filled with deck chairs and umbrellas.
To reach San Vito Lo Capo, you should arrange your own transport. From Trapani you can also commute by public transport, but the journey is long and the number of buses is rather limited.

san vito lo capo beach sicily

San Vito Lo Capo can be found in just about every travel brochure as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. I wonder why? 😉

The beaches of the Egadi Islands

The Aegadian or Egadi islands lie west of Sicily. An archipelago consisting of three islands; Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. From Trapani you can take the ferry to one of these wonderful places. The islands are located in the middle of the azure blue and transparent ocean, and therefore you’ll find some of the best beaches in Sicily right here.

At Levanzo you can only find beaches with pebbles, but the surrounding nature and the transparent water are so gorgeous that you’ll soon forget about a little discomfort. From the port -which is absolutely gorgeous!- it’s a fifteen minute walk to the small, secluded beach of the island.
Favignana is much more touristy, but here you can also find bigger, broader sandy beaches that many tourists so desire. The pearly white beach stand out against the water that sparkles in dozens of shades of blue. The most popular beach in Favignana is Cala Rossa, but Praia Beach is also wonderful.
To reach these beaches it’s best to rent a bike or scooter, since the distances on the island are a bit too big to do on foot. Especially if you’ve only planned a day trip to the Egadi Islands.

levanzo trapani beaches sicily italy

My personal favorite remains Levanzo. A short boat trip away from Trapani. Calm beaches and beautiful, azure sea water. This is paradise!

cala rossa favignana most beautiful beaches sicily

Cala Rossa. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. This is a place where you can only dream about!

The beaches of the Aeolian Islands

Another breathtaking archipelago are the Aeolian Islands. These paradisiacal islands are also surrounded by azure waters. Spread out over the floating land masses you’ll find sandy beaches, beaches with pebbles and of course also some rocky beaches.

On Lipari the beautiful Spiaggia Bianca is a crowd favorite. This beach has silky soft and pearly white sand, and because of this the azure water is also colored much more attractive.

On the mythical Vulcano (where you have a huge chance to see a volcano actually burst out!) You’ll find a very strange sandy beach. No snow white sand here, but pitch black! This black stuff is of course coming from the volcano and gives your holiday photos an alien touch.
Be sure to visit the Spiaggia dell’Asino on Vulcano. This enclosed spot is very similar to some of the dreamier Caribbean beaches.

lipari spiaggia bianca sicily

The view of the Spiaggia Bianca from up heigh. A blue ocean and beautiful white sand!

vulcano beaches black sand sicily

There are several black sandy beaches on Vulcano, and all of them are equally impressive!

Tours and excursions in Sicily

This collection of most beautiful beaches in Sicily is of course already impressive. But there is so much more to see! Think of the catacombs in Palermo, the impressive Agrigento or a sporty visit to Mount Etna. Do you want to book some tours or trips? Look online for the best deals:


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