7 best things to see in Rabat

Written by Sam Van den Haute aka CheckOutSam

Rabat is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. And you don't get that title for nothing!
The capital of this North African country bustles of life, has a beautiful culture but also is home to some beautiful sights.
During a one to two day stay, you can easily plan all of Rabat's highlights in your itinerary.

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    best sights in Rabat, Morocco

    1. Chellah

    Chellah isn’t located very close to all other sights in Rabat, but that doesn’t make it less impressive.
    A lot of rulers and nations seemed to be interested in this beautiful place, but still that couldn’t guarantee its survival. In the fourteenth century, the then owner built high walls around this deserted village and a necropolis was placed over the ancient Roman settlements.

    Once you walked through the impressive gateway you’ll find a beautiful tropical garden. All Away from the hustle and bustle of Rabat.

    The further you descend, the louder a certain sound gets. At the very bottom of this giant domain, dozens of stork families are enjoying the burning Moroccan sun. A beautiful view! Certainly if you stay until after sunset.

    chellah sights in rabat

    The nature takes over this abandoned city. Slowly, but sure!

    2. Giant cemeteries

    It’s mentioned in little travel guides, and maybe it sounds a bit creepy… But visiting the giant cemetery around Rabat can’t be missed.
    Thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of graves adorn the hilly landscape around the walled medina of Rabat.
    Some of the memorials are very sober, while others are beautifully decorated with gorgeous decorations and mosaics.

    The graves and stones are placed higgledy-piggledy on the green surface. Just like in Chellah, nature also seems to take over. Trees and grasses grow til they can’t get taller anymore and crown over the last resting place of all these people. Maybe this will eventually becpùe a second necropolis of Rabat?!

    Impressive nonetheless!

    cemetery in rabat

    Tombs seem to shoot like weeds in Rabat!

    3. Madrasa of Salé

    Spread all over Morocco there are dozens, if not hundreds of Madrasa’s.
    A Medersa or Madrasa is an Islamic school of learning. Nowadays, they are no longer used, but in the past, the smartest pupils of Morocco were trained in these schools to be the best in their profession.
    For many years, the Qur’an was studied in these schools before venturing into the wide world to pass on their wisdom to others. I myself would find it difficult to concentrate on all that learning. The beautiful interior would constantly distract me!

    madrasa salé rabat

    The Madrasa of Salé, a village right next to Rabat, is gorgeous and not touristy at all!

    4. The Mausoleum of Mohammed V and the Hassan tower

    If you stroll through Rabat, you can’t escape the sight of the Hassen tower. You can see this high tower from almost everywhere in the city! If you venture closer to this majestic building, you’ll see that it is part of a grand complex.
    In front of the Hassan tower, dozens of columns are spread out across a square, which eventually brings you to the Mausoleum of Mohammed V.
    This Mausoleum is guarded by four beautifully dressed guards, and in the Mausoleum itself you will of course find the grave of Mohammed V and a (living!) Imam who is studying the Qur’an permanently.

    mausoleum mohammed V must do in Rabat

    The Mausoleum of Mohammed V is another gorgeous piece of Islamic architecture!

    5. The Medina

    The Medina or Old Town district, like everywhere in Morocco, is also the heart of Rabat. Thousands of people enter through the many entrance gates into this labyrinth looking for the best bargains and most beautiful souvenirs.
    Traders really sell everything here! Giant cow or sheep carcasses dangle right next to a carpet shop, and in the meantime the scent of these dead corpses is covered up by the fragrance of shops where dried herbs, fruits and spices are sold.
    Make sure to get lost on purpose! Because this is the only way you can truly discover the real life in the Medina.

    rabat medina best things to do

    One of the best things to do in Rabat is of course to visit the Medina! Finding bargains or looking at people. Everything is possible here!

    6. Kasbah des Oudaias and the Andalusian Gardens

    Everything seems to be hidden behind walls in Rabat! Just next to the Medina are the Andalusian Gardens and the Kasbah des Oudaias. The Andalusian gardens are a delightful oasis in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of Rabat. As you look out over the beautiful gardens, you can just walk down a little further until you reach the Kasbah des Oudaias. A kind of village behind these gardens. Just like the gardens, this small Kasbah is also incredibly peaceful and quiet.
    Climb up and down the many stairs, or enjoy an exceptional view of the sea that flows next to the Kasbah des Oudaias.

    kasbah des oudaias rabat

    The Kasbah des Oudaias is a little bit of a secretive place, but it’s definitely worth searching for!

    Andalusian gardens in Rabat

    The Andalusian gardens in Rabat are perfect to escape from busy Rabat!

    Explore Rabat with a boat

    Near the Medina and the Kasbah of Oudaias you’ll find a quiet piece of sea. For a beautiful view of Rabat, I recommend taking a short boat trip. There are various small boat trips offered, but a fact is that you will need to negotiate hard to get a decent deal.
    If you want to be brought from Rabat to Salé, that can already happen for two dirhams per person. A longer rowing trip will of course cost a little more.

    row boats rabat

    The row boats that paddle next to the city, give you an excellent view over Rabat!

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