8 awesome things to do in Aruba

The beautiful Caribbean beaches may be known as the main attraction of Aruba, yet there are many other activities to do if you dare to dodge the sand. You will find an island full of history, culture, rugged landscapes and exotic local meals. Here are some ideas of things to do in Aruba.

aruba things to do

1. Oranjestad

Oranjestad is the capital of the island and therefore immediately the first point of interest in Aruba that you will pass during your holidays. It’s named after the Dutch royal family following the Dutch colonization of the island. In addition to the many government buildings in town, Oranjestad is also known for its shopping opportunities. Here you can easily find a local piece of art or handmade jewelry. The center of the city consists of brightly colored houses where the Plaza Daniel Leo is considered one of the most beautiful sights.

Plaza Daniel Leo Oranjestad

The Plaza Daniel Leo in Oranjestad.

2. Arikok National Park

Those who love nature and wildlife certainly can’t miss this landmark in Aruba. The Arikok National Park is home to rattlesnakes, parakeets and lizards, so if you’re not a fan of these animals, you’ll better ignore this area in the southeast of the island. A lot of tourists make a day trip to spot the many animal species or explore the dunes and cliffs. You can walk through the park or drive with a four-wheel driven vehicle. Access to the park costs ten dollars.

arikok national park aruba

Arikok National Park. Beautiful landscapes guaranteed!

3. The beaches

Whoever chooses Aruba as a travel destination will probably go there for the many Caribbean beaches that you can visit. These beaches may also be the main things to do in Aruba. The white sandy beaches are all easily accessible and are among the most beautiful in the Caribbean, making them ideal for sunbathing. Take some time to explore Eagle Beach, which is one of the most popular beaches in Aruba. The pristine white sand in combination with the sky blue water attracts not only the tanning addicts but also the water sports enthusiasts. Both at Eagle Beach and Manchebo Beach, you’ll find amazing hotels and resorts.
My favorite beach? Baby Beach! A snow white beach with calm, clear water with temperatures which make you never want to get out of the water.

baby beach aruba things to do

Baby Beach was recommended to me by some of the locals, and it is in fact still a hidden gem…

4. Snorkeling

What is there to do in Aruba that is a little more adventurous, you might wonder. Watersports activities are undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Aruba! Whoever wants to go snorkeling has undoubtedly chosen a good destination. You can head out to one of the many shallow parts of the ocean or you can make your snorkeling experience in Aruba unforgettable by choosing a snorkel excursion. Such a day excursion not only includes a couple of snorkeling sessions, but also a sunset dinner and it also offers views of the most beautiful places of the coast. With such a tour you can snorkel above one of the coral reefs or visit one of the shipwrecks that are easily visible in the see-through waters surrounding the island. You can book a snorkel excursions from $60 or €53 a day.

snorkeling in aruba things to do

Snorkeling in Aruba is a must! Beautiful fishes, gorgeous coral reeds and… shipwrecks!

5. Wind and kite surfing

The wind on Aruba makes wind or kite surfing one of the best things to do in Aruba. If you have had enough of visiting the many attractions in Aruba, you can let the adrenaline pump through your body by going on a surfing adventure for an afternoon. Aruba has the perfect combination of temperatures, wind power and water conditions to enjoy as a beginner or for more experienced surfers. Especially Hadicurari Beach lends itself perfectly to do some surfing.

wind surfing and kite surfing in Aruba

Are you looking for some thrills? Glide over the water for an awesome experience!

6. The SS Antilla

The SS Antilla is one of the most awesome points of interest in Aruba, although it’s not to be visited on the mainland. This German cargo ship is the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean, making it a very popular dive site. The wreck dates back to the Second World War.
Here you can dive, snorkel or snooba dive -snorkelling with a long snorkeling tube which is connected to the surface-. I recommend trying snorkeling or snooba diving. The ship has fallen rather deep, and it makes it difficult to really enjoy it when you snorkel. You have to gasp for some air occasionally, you know…

SS antila Aruba points of interest

The SS Antila isn’t really a small boat!

7. Natural points of interest in Aruba

Charming towns, interesting museums and many shopping streets, all of these are nice things to do in Aruba, but there are many natural attractions in Aruba as well. The Natural Pool, a lake shielded from the sea by the surrounding rocks is one of the most awesome points of interest in Aruba. Due to its remote location, it’s sometimes called Aruba’s hidden lake.
Unfortunately, a few years ago the Natural Bridge of Aruba collapsed, but fortunately the little brother is still there to give you an equally impressive sight! The Spanish Lagoon is another interesting location. This was once the gateway for the Spaniards to enter Aruba, but now it’s especially famous for its beauty and fish markets.

Things to do in Aruba : Natural Bridge

Are you looking for things to do in Aruba which have to do with nature? Go take a look at the natural bridge!

8. Jeepsafari

Those who want to see a lot of points of interest in Aruba at once can book a jeep safari. With a jeep safari, you get the most out of your money in an adventurous way and you’ll get to see places that you wouldn’t otherwise see. A safari with a jeep can already be arranged for 79 euros ($89) per person.

jeep safari Aruba

Certain points of interest in Aruba are only accessible with a jeep! The Natural Pool, for example!

Excursions in Aruba

Are you already dreaming about all the sights and things to do in Aruba? Perhaps you might even find some more options! There is much more to see in Aruba:

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