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A weekend in Schiermonnikoog

Spending a day or weekend on a Wadden island to experience the island feeling is always a good idea. Previously I wrote how you can spend a day or weekend on Ameland, this time I've written down what you can do on the beautiful Schiermonnikoog.

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A short holiday to Schiermonnikoog

Holidays don’t always need to be long and tiring. A short holiday to a Wadden Island is enough to fully recharge your batteries. There is plenty to do for people who like sightseeing, but also a day of doing nothing on the beautiful beaches or on top of the beautiful dunes are just as amazing!
Together with some Flemish travel bloggers, I went to the gorgeous Wadden Islands. There we spent a weekend together on Ameland, and then we traveled on to the picturesque Schiermonnikoog. I tell you what you can do in one day or a weekend and why it definitely is worth it to take the boat to Schiermonnikoog.

day to schiermonnikoog

You can explore Schiermonnikoog perfectly with a bike!

Going to Schiermonnikoog by boat

Unless you’re a very good swimmer, there is only one way to spend a day on Schiermonnikoog. By boat.
From Lauwersoog, about five boats sail daily to and from the island. If you want to leave very early, you can do so from 06:30 in the morning and on Sundays from 09:30 am.
To return from Schiermonnikoog to the mainland you have to take back the ferry at the latest at 7:30 pm.
Don’t forget that no cars can go to Schiermonnikoog. Bikes are allowed, and if you don’t have one you can also rent one on the island. More about that later.

From April to the end of September you pay the summer rate. Each ticket costs €15.30 + €1.76 tourist tax. Kids younger than 11 pay €8.55 and again €1.76. All other months you pay €13.05 (children €7.40) plus the tourist tax.

boat to schiermonnikoog

On the boat to Schiermonnikoog you don’t see many cars. That is of course because the island is car-free.

Rent a bike at Schiermonnikoog

Instead of taking the taxi or bus, you can also rent a bicycle at bike rental ‘Veerpont’. Would you rather rent it later? Then you still have the chance at ‘Schierfiets’ or ‘Soepboer’ in the village itself.

A simple bicycle costs €5.50 for one day. You can’t handle the hilly bike paths without gears? Then you pay €7.50 per bicycle. Renting two-wheeled transportation for a weekend costs €8 or €11 respectively.

Have you always wanted to cycle on the beach? Then rent a beach bike with extra thick tires! For €15 you can spend a whole day in the sand.

rent a bike schiermonnikoog

The fun thing about a car-free island is that you can park your bike literally everywhere. Even in the middle of the street!

Spending one day in Schiermonnikoog

A day trip to Schiermonnikoog may seem short, but actually that’s all you need to explore the island thoroughly. If you’re coming from a lot further down, it might be more interesting to book a weekend. Otherwise I don’t think you’ll do much relaxing!

From Friesland to Schiermonnikoog it takes about 45 minutes with the boat. With a water taxi (€ 110 one way for groups up to 12 people) you arrive in a dazzling fifteen minutes and you are not time bound to the sailing schedule of the ferry service to Schiermonnikoog.
From the harbor you can take the bus to the center, or arrange a taxi. In five minutes you’re already in the only village on the island: Schiermonnikoog.

weekend schiermonnikoog island lighthouse

One of the two lighthouses of Schiermonnikoog. One for every day that you go to the island?

What can you see on Schiermonnikoog?

You can get anywhere from the center. Chances are that you immediately want to explore the national park of Schiermonnikoog. That makes sense. Because everything outside the center is in fact a national park!

Nevertheless, I advise you to first take some time to explore the village itself. The cute houses are like no other you saw before! Diagonally opposite the famous Van der Werff hotel (where you can get a cup of coffee for only 80 cents!) You’ll find a gigantic souvenir of times long past. The whale jaw of Schiermonnikoog. Walk underneath and imagine how huge this beast must’ve been!
Don’t hesitate to explore a little more, because the town is really nice. Go eat a tasty shrimp croquette or an artisanal mustard soup so that you have enough energy to cycle around the island.

If you’ve seen everything, you can rent a bicycle. We did so at bike rental ‘Schierfiets’, but it is possible at ‘Soepboer’, or right next to the ferry at bike rental ‘Veerdam’ as well.

day schiermonnikoog weekend

Going to Schiermonnikoog for a day or a weekend. You won’t regret it!

National park Schiermonnikoog

The main attraction of the island is of course the Schiermonnikoog national park.
This beautiful piece of nature has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2012, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Beautiful sandy beaches, colossal dunes, many rare plants and a paradise for bird spotters.

From the village you can cycle into the national park. The well-maintained paths rise and fall, twist and turning, but the landscapes that you encounter along the way are definitely worth the tiring bike ride!
Our sporty blogger group got fog banks and a lot of rain over them, but even then we all agreed: what a beautiful island this is!

In the national park you’ll find some nice houses here and there, and of course the two lighthouses of Schiermonnikoog. Climbing them is impossible, but they are so beautiful in the landscape that you have the perfect excuse to rest out and take some pictures.

From the red lighthouse you walk straight onto the beach. You may see a few small stilt-walkers searching the mudflats for everything that is edible. If you’re very lucky, you can even see a seal.

Further along the bike paths you pass some bunkers, but the most impressive is bunker Wassermann. Climb it to get a nice view of the island.

Other things that you can visit include the Vredenhof, and the Westerplas for bird lovers. A complete overview of sights on Schiermonnikoog can be found here.

national park schiermonnikoog houses

In the Schiermonnikoog National Park you’ll even find some picturesque houses. They’re gorgeous, aren’t they?

Weekend Schiermonnikoog

A day in Schiermonnikoog is quickly filled from beginning to end. If you want to completely relax, a weekend might be a better idea. With two days your schedule will immediately become a lot less crowded.

We stayed in hotel Duinzicht. Definitely recommended for people who love authentic hotels. The rooms are equipped with all modern conveniences (some rooms even have a sauna or jacuzzi!) And the restaurant and lounge are incredibly authentic. If you want to take the island feeling everywhere, then you should definitely consider this hotel.

I was already talking about hotel Van der Werff. I have no idea if the rooms were as good. But the pub, the restaurant and the corridors that serve as an island museum are very inviting indeed. Did I already mention that you can drink coffee here for only 80 cents?

hotel duinzicht schiermonnikoog

The rooms of Hotel Duinzicht in Schiermonnikoog give a modern impression, but the common rooms are incredibly authentic and breathe out the atmosphere of the island.

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