Ariba Aruba!

Exhausted, I finally arrived in Aruba. From Punta Cana I still had to travel three hours on the bus to Santo Domingo and therefore I had slept very little. My flight to Aruba with Insel Air had an hour delay, but at half past six I finally arrived. With a shuttle bus I was brought to my residence. The Aruba Harmony Apartments run by a friendly woman from Amersfoort, Netherlands.

One of the many luxurious ressorts in Aruba!

One of the many luxurious ressorts in Aruba!

She greeted me in English, but soon switched to Dutch. It’s quite a weird feeling to hear your native language when you’re on the other side of the world!

Right when I was putting my stuff in the lovely air conditioned room, a girl from the hostel also came in with a boy she had met at the pub.
She was American, he was a Dutchman who had moved to Aruba.

The jovial Dutch owner, Barbara, decided for us that it would be good that we would explore the island together. The girl had the intention to do that anyway, so she was glad to take me with them.

The sun started to go down slowly, since it was already getting later in the evening. The friendly Dutch man, Timmy, took us both to the high rise. A part that made me think of the strip in Las Vegas.
In this area you’ll find lots of luxury resorts and hotels where all tourists seem to stay. After we had visited one of the hotels where we were overwhelmed by luxury, we went on to the famous lighthouse on the island.
Meanwhile, it was pitch dark and unfortunately the lighthouse was being restored at this time. I was then dropped off at my temporary home and the boy and the girl went on on their own.
I of course didn’t want to spoil a possible future full of love for them!

I was very tired and planned on an early evening… However some other guys from the hostel didn’t allow me to go to bed already, and thus I ended up chatting with them for a couple more hours.

The next morning I didn’t sleep very long, but it was already half past two in the afternoon when I left. This was mainly because I had been working on the computer and did some grocery shopping.
The rest of the day I walked about twenty kilometers and I saw a large part of the island. I walked along the many beaches, nice houses and buildings and then went to the De Palm Tours office to verify my tour.
I paid $89 for a snorkel cruise to some famous places in Aruba. One of them was the SS Antila. A ship wreck that was sunk intentionally to create a new coral reef and home for the many tropical fishes.

It was a lot of money, but hey… How many times are you in Aruba anyway?

When I walked into the headquarters of De Palm Tours, I was greeted by three people who clearly rather had been somewhere else.
I started talking to the middle girl and just about everything seemed too much to handle for her. She told me that no people were picked up from my residence. And that I had to walk to another location that was close to me.

I was a little annoyed by this because I did pay extra to be picked up… I would not let it spoil my holiday and asked what the best option would be for me.
The woman looked at me with a shocked face, as if saying to me “How do you dare asking that?!”. She sighed deeply and looked briefly on her computer before she gave me two options.
The Renaissance Beach Hotel seemed to be the closest hotel to me. I asked her where it was, but got no response. She continued to rattle off a text about the cruise and at what time I had to be ready.
When I asked a second and third time, I still didn’t get a reply and her colleague noticed that I started to get even more annoyed.
Luckily, she was friendly and courteous, as it should, and she showed me where I would be picked up. I thanked her kindly, took my voucher and thanked the horribly rude woman in the middle a little less cordial.

I had experienced such a beautiful day in Aruba, and in just ten minutes time I was annoyed for the next three hours… Is it really that hard be a little friendlier?

Hopefully the boat’s crewmembers tomorrow are a lot nicer …

Renaissance Beach in Aruba.

Renaissance Beach in Aruba.


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