4 x The Best Restaurants in Marrakech

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Marrakech is undoubtedly the most touristy city in Morocco. Because of all those travelers there has been a huge demand for great restaurants! Prices for restaurants in Marrakech are generally more expensive than in the rest of Morocco, but for these augmented prices you get delicious dishes in return. So it's definitely a win!
During my stay in Marrakech, I was happy to look for the 4 best restaurants in Marrakech.

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    In the middle of the medina you’ll find Naranj. A great restaurant with a beautiful interior, incredibly friendly service and delicious food.
    There are around five dishes on the menu, and they all made me drool! In addition, there is a whole range of (non-alcoholic) cocktails, nice drinks and original desserts.

    This restaurant is slightly more expensive than what you pay on average in Marrakech, but it’s definitely worth its price!
    Traditional cuisine is flawlessly mixed with more modern elements, and this creates a true taste explosion!

    Price range: €€

    best restaurants in Marrakech : Naranj

    A falafel wrap in restaurant Naranj.

    restaurant naranj marrakech

    Fatet batinjane, a dish with aubergine, minced meat, tomatoes, a tasty yoghurt sauce and crispy fried vegetables.

    La Cantine des Gazelles

    Near the Jamaa El-Fna square (central market) you will find the Cantine des Gazelles.
    A cheerful establishment with a rather typical Moroccan cuisine.

    The menu has a lot of couscous and tajines to offer, but don’t forget to also look into the chef’s suggestions. I very much enjoyed my eggplant gratin. Delicious with so much cheese!
    After my surprisingly tasty main course, I also took an apple crumble. Delicious, but less special than the main course.
    Still, this is a restaurant in Marrakech that I would definitely recommend!

    Price range: €€

    cantine des gazelles - marrakech best restaurants

    Even the clients haircuts fit with the pink interior of the Cantine des Gazelles!

    cantine des gazelles - restaurants in marrakech

    The aubergine gratin in the Cantine Des Gazelles is delicious and a must-try for cheese lovers!

    Café Clock

    Whoever has read the article about great restaurants in Fez knows that I already fell in love with the cuisine at Café Clock.
    Unfortunately, this cozy restaurant in Marrakech is located a bit out of the medina, but that certainly shouldn’t matter!

    The camel burger, lamb burger, Moroccan salad and falafel I had already tried in Fez. However delicious these dishes were, I still wanted to try the other items on the menu as well.
    In Marrakech, I tasted the eggplant quiche, a glass of fresh lemonade and a delicious fresh banana milkshake. Absolutely fabulous!

    Café Clock may not be in the center of Marrakech, but it’s definitely worth the little detour! If you have just visited the Bahia Palace or the Saadi tombs; Café Clock is very close!

    Price range: €€

    café clock marrakech restaurants

    Café Clock in Marrakech has a giant menu and it’s damn hard to not order all of their food at once!

    Roti d’Or

    After spending some time in Marrakech, people sometimes asked me if there were and cheap and good restaurant I could recommend. My answer consistently was ‘Roti d’Or’.

    It only takes five minutes of walking from the Jamaa El-Fna square to get to this small establishment. Their menu is very limited, but that makes sure they only serve the best food!
    There is only room for about fifteen people, and so often there’s a waiting line. But the nice wraps of Roti d’Or are to die for!

    I was totally fond of the falafel wraps, served with fries, a bowl of rice or olives and 3 delicious sauces. But also the hamburgers and other wraps looked delicious.
    Don’t forget to also order a virgin mojito or a fresh iced tea. Yummy!

    For the whole meal, including drinks, I didn’t even pay five euros. And it’s really nice and tasty. Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I went back three times!

    Price range: €

    roti d'or restaurant marrakech

    A divine falafel wrap from Roti d’Or. If there’s one thing I miss from Marrakech, then it must be this delicacy!

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