Visit Hobbiton: the famous Hobbit homes in New-Zealand


If you want to visit this tourist attraction, I advise you to book your tickets online and well in advance. Often these tickets are sold out a few days in advance, and it would be a shame if you’re in New Zealand and can’t visit these famous Hobbit holes. I always use GetYourGuide to make my bookings, because they offer …

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A visit to the Sagrada Familia: info, tickets, inside photos and tips to skip the long lines

visit Sagrada Familia skip the line tickets

A monument like this in one of the most-visited cities in the world obviously attracts a great number of tourists. Because of this, people have to wait in line -without exaggerating- sometimes for hours on end. To resolve this issue, it is strongly advised to already buy your Sagrada Familia tickets online. Through Ticketbar, tickets are equally priced as when …

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Thailand elephant tours: choosing the right one

elephant tours thailand

Before I talk more about the terrible abuse of elephants, I also want to report that more and more travel organizations are actively working on abolishing all kinds of unethical tours with animals. GetYourGuide, Viator and many more (websites where you can book elephant tours and excursions online) have canceled all tours in 2016 and 2017 where elephants in Thailand …

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This was the Notre Dame before the fire…

inside notre dame fire

Do you want to read more about the Notre Dame? Here you can read all about my own visit only a few months ago. A couple of months ago, I visited this French monument myself. Inside, I made quite a lot of photos. It’s a shame that this beautiful interior went up in flames, and therefore I wanted to create …

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