11 Things to see in Tallinn, Estonia

Things to see in Tallinn

  If you want to learn more about the history of this Baltic state, this museum is exactly what you’re looking for. It consists out of 76 buildings, spread over 80 hectares of forest land, which tell the story of hundreds of years of history. It’s so big that there’s a church, inn, fire department and a few school buildings …

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A day trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar

dubrovnik to mostar

  Chances are that you’ve heard about Mostar before. Or at least you must’ve seen pictures of the Bridge of Mostar. This stone giant was built by the Ottomans in 1566 and lasted until the Bosnian war. Unfortunately, this useless war also reached Mostar and besides the many unnecessary casualties, the historic bridge also got destroyed. After the war, it …

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The best places to visit in Stockholm and around

Best places to visit in Stockholm

  During a weekend in Stockholm, a visit to the Gamla Stan can’t be missed. The Old Town is without a doubt one of Stockholm’s most beautiful sights. The oldest part dates from the thirteenth century. Striking is that the building style of the buildings is North German, but the colors that are used -orange and dark yellow- make you …

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The mysterious marl caves of Maastricht

maastricht caves

I read a lot of nice reviews about the Sint-Pietersfort (Fortress of Saint Peter) and the Maastricht caves on Tripadvisor. To avoid queues, I bought my tickets in advance. The marl caves and the Fort have little to do with each other, but throughout history their paths crossed quite a few times. The caves of Maastricht aren’t actually a natural …

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Getting to Kangaroo Island + 8x What to do – Self guided or tour?

Kangaroo Island what to do

Kangaroo Island is one of those places that you immediately fall in love with. With just over 4,200 inhabitants on this third largest island in Australia, you’ll immediately notice that it’s still pretty untouched here. The vast majority of this place is protected area. Rugged beaches flirt with the transparent azure waters and in turn are covered by entire colonies …

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The Yves Saint Laurent garden in Marrakech: Jardin Majorelle

majorelle gardens

  We already know that the garden was created by Jacques Majorelle and was later maintained by Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé. But… How did it all start? Jacques Majorelle was a Frenchman and an artist. In his early years, he painted a lot and he regularly went to faraway places to get inspired. After his military service he left …

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Things to do in Riga: my favorites!

Things to do in Riga

  Everything in Riga is within walking distance and there is plenty to experience and visit for a weekend to enjoy your stay. One of the absolute top attractions of Riga is the House of the Blackheads. This beautiful building is located in the old town and was founded in the fourteenth century for the Brotherhood of Blackheads, a guild …

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Nyhavn in Copenhagen

  History The Nyhavn is decorated with characteristic colored houses, the oldest of which was built at the end of the 17th century. The construction of the port is entirely due to King Christiaan V who could consider this as one of his few successful projects. Although the port had a bad name because of the nuisance of seafarers and …

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