20 x the BEST places to visit in Scotland during a road trip

best places to visit in scotland

One of the absolute highlights in Scotland was the fantastic Neist Point. The Isle of Skye has a lot of beautiful natural landscapes (in this list I mention a few!), but this is certainly my favorite. Even when you’re driving to this location, it’s impossible not to be enchanted by the beautiful landscapes! Along the way you’ll pass beautiful green …

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Visiting Everglades National Park with boat tours

Everglades national park boat tours

The Everglades National Park includes one fifth of the original southern Everglades and is also the largest tropical wilderness in the United States. After Death Valley (California) and Yellowstone (Wyoming) it is also the third largest national park in the country. It is therefore not surprising that (since 1979) it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. But what makes …

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Exploring Australia’s Fraser Island with a 4WD

fraser island off road driving

Imagine a beautiful white beach that stretches out for over seventy five miles. This fantastic feature makes Fraser Island one of the most beautiful places to go in Australia. The island is very popular with tourists and locals, but here tourism is done right. Australia takes very good care of the fragile eco system in this wonderful place by closely …

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Buda Castle tour

buda castle tour

  The Buda Castle is a huge complex consisting of several buildings. In 1255, King Béla De Vierde was commissioned to begin construction. Years and even centuries passed until the largest part fell to ruins in 1686. Then, a small town arose on the spot and a castle and theater were constructed here as well. After the storming of the …

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The best things to see in Vilnius and its surroundings

things to see in Vilnius

  This attraction is not in Vilnius itself, but in Siauliai. Another ‘big’ city of Lithuania. Although it’s located two hundred kilometers (124 miles) from Vilnius, I recommend to plan a day trip to this major sight. The Hill of Crosses is one of the most exceptional and beautiful monuments that I ever saw. Hundreds of thousands of crosses, gigantic …

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From Hanoi to Ninh Binh

ninh binh cover

Ninh Binh is sometimes called ‘Halong Bay on land’. That comparison is actually not a bad one, because here you can find thousands of rocky islands that are overgrown with hundreds of shades of green as well. However, the special thing about this place is that you don’t find these unusual islands on water, but on land. Along these rough …

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