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High above the rest of the buildings in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, towers an old palace: the castle of Buda, sometimes even called Buda Palace. The origin of the building dates back to the 13th century and much has changed since that time. It's one of the most beautiful sights of Budapest, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this. In this article I'll take you with me on a tour through Buda Castle.

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buda castle


The Buda Castle is a huge complex consisting of several buildings. In 1255, King Béla De Vierde was commissioned to begin construction. Years and even centuries passed until the largest part fell to ruins in 1686. Then, a small town arose on the spot and a castle and theater were constructed here as well. After the storming of the castle in 1849, peace finally came and there was again active work on the preservation and repair of the complex. The Second World War caused another havoc on the site of the castle. Later this turned out to be a great advantage: the medieval castle was partially exposed with all kinds of archaeological findings as a result.

buda palace

f you’re going to visit the Buda Palace, you can easily spend a few hours there.

Main attractions

The Buda Castle is now one of the most important sights of Budapest. It’s the home of several museums, but don’t forget to enjoy the view from the castle wall when you visit. From up high you’ll see almost all other attractions of the city. More about that later.

When you walk into the museum palace you can go in different directions.

The castle is divided into six wings: A to F.

In wing A you can find the museum of the Hungarian Workers’ Movement. The Hungarians have a rich history in mining and industry. This museum contains objects, stories and visual material from this period that was at its peak at the beginning of the 19th century. An impressive collection with interesting memoirs.

The National Gallery can then be found in wings B through D. As you can expect, numerous works of art have been created here from different periods. Think of images and paintings.
The museum has a large permanent collection but also pays attention to adding works to the collection and a changing it now and then.

Besides the museums, there is of course also the surroundings of the castle, including old ramparts and cannons that were used to defend the castle. During a tour of Buda Castle you’ll see a lot, such as the dome from where you have one of the best views of the city of Budapest. So keep your camera up and running at all times.
The most beautiful location in the Buda Castle? That must be the fishermen’s bastion! So definitely don’t skip this picturesque place.

For people who aren’t afraid of the dark you can also head underground. The walk takes you through special places such as the Dracula’s grave and other lugubrious scenes. After a walk of about a mile, you end up at a quite unexpected place in the castle…

fishermen's bastion buda castle tour

The beautiful fishermen’s bastion in the Buda Castle. By many, this building is seen as the most beautiful of Budapest!

Paid and free

The Buda Castle is so big that it’s quite easy to get lost. Because there is so much to do, you also get to deal with both paid and free parts. You can purchase these per location. The complex itself and the historical museum can be visited for free. So you can see the beautiful photos, lots of information or do some walking around the narrow alleys completely free. And so you immediately have no excuse anymore to skip this beautiful building.

For the National Gallery, the other museums and the underground walk you need to pay a small entrance fee. You should think of about 5 to 6 euros, dollars or pounds. Check the official websites of these sights for current price information and opening times, as these change every year.

Are you not so fond of climbing? Then you can always make a (fun) funicular ride to the top. A single ride costs 1200 HUF and if you buy a retour ticket you’ll pay 1,800 HUF. It’s much easier to walk down, and you’ll see some nice things on the way. So, perhaps you should take a single ticket to get up, and then just walk down?

buda castle evening

In the evening, the Buda Castle becomes a little bit scarier… Fortunately you get a wonderful view of Budapest from this height!

Other things to do in Budapest

I mentioned it before: during a city trip to Budapest you have a view of countless other sights from the castle. Consider, for example, the famous Chain Bridge over the Danube river, which looks different at any time of the day. Or perhaps the impressive St. Stephen’s Basilica? In the middle of the river lies Margaret Island. This piece of land offers peace in the midst of the bustle of the city. You have a special view and the greenery makes it a popular place to relax.

Take a boat trip on the Danube to complete your city trip in Budapest. In the evening, take a seat along the water to enjoy a hearty meal and a local beer. The entertainment industry of the Hungarian capital is also famous for its diversity of possibilities. You can find many theaters in the city, with the State Opera as the absolute highlight, but also cozy cafes and the great discos are fun.

things to do in Budapest besides Buda Castle

Enjoy the beautiful building, the amazing views and the meticulously landscaped gardens. Without a doubt this is one of the best things to do in Budapest!

Tours and excursions in Budapest

Do you want to arrange a Budda castle tour with a guide? Or do you want to take a boat trip and see this beautiful castle from the river? Maybe there are other things that you want to do. There is much to book in Budapest. Just look at this selection:


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