Cancun, Las Vegas in Mexico

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The flight from Puerto Rico to Mexico went smoothly, but once arrived at the Cancun airport, everything went agonizingly slow... After more than half an hour waiting for my luggage, I was also randomly selected for a manual control. Ninety minutes later I could finally board my shuttle bus that would take me to my hostel. This shuttle bus was certainly not very comfortable since it was steered by a madman and I was pressed on a bench that hardly could fit four people, and certainly not five...

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cancun beach

An improvised pier in Cancun.

To get to my hostel, I had to pass through the hotel zone of Cancun. A kilometer or so long zone that is crowded with luxury resorts and hotels, each with its own private beach club, so it seemed.

Cancun is to Americans what Ibiza is for European. A party paradise in tropical temperatures!

When I, way too late, arrived at my hostel I deposit all my stuff and I decided to go to sleep early. My tour of the Caribbean had been very exhausting so far and a little extra sleep certainly could not hurt.

The next morning I woke up quite early, but since I hadn’t really had arranged any tours or things to do, I stayed in bed until eleven o’clock searching the world wide web.
I knew you could do a lot of tours to the Mayan temples from Cancun, but the prices I found online were often quite expensive.

Last night I also saw that the hostel offered tours and so I decided to take a look at the pricing they offered. I was glad I did, because the prices they offered were significantly cheaper!
I pulled out my credit card and immediately booked three trips at once: The Koba and Tulum temples, three cenotes and the famed Chichen Itza temple.

Meanwhile, it was almost two in the afternoon and I still had not eaten anything. My stomach started to growl and I asked the friendly lady at the front desk where I could get somme yummy Mexican food.

They told me that there was a food square only five minutes away. And so … I chose one of the tents and ordered a torta with chicken.

Since I wanted to make something from my day, I took the bus to the city center (the hotel zone) and walked around a little bit. I couldn’t help but compare it to the strip of Las Vegas.

Everywhere your eyes looked, you could see advertisements for great shows and concerts. The clubs, bars and restaurants were great and everything seemed to have been plucked away from a giant amusement park.

The beaches made me think of Punta Cana. Beautiful white sand beaches that were overcrowded with burnt tourists, trying to cool down in the gorgeous see-through waters.

The hotel zone was several kilometers long and so I took a few more busses to explore another piece of the long strip. At the end of it, I found some much quieter and nicer beaches and I treated myself to a visit to an archaeological park.

When I returned to the hostel, I went to have a few tacos at the same square where I had eaten this afternoon. Tasty and not expensive!

Tomorrow is my first trip in Mexico. A visit to the beautiful Koba and Tulum temple and a dip in a cenote. I already look forward to it!

An archeological park in Cancun. My first acquaintance with the Mayans!

An archeological park in Cancun. My first acquaintance with the Mayans!

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