Swimming with dolphins in a responsible way

Swimming with dolphins

First, you need to decide if you want to swim with wild or captured dolphins. Actually, this is an easy decision, but I’d like to explain both options to you. When you choose to swim with trained (caught) dolphins, you contribute to a terrible system. Dolphins are often caught in the wild and then sold to dolfinaria or other marine …

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8 awesome things to do in Aruba

things to do in Aruba

Oranjestad is the capital of the island and therefore immediately the first point of interest in Aruba that you will pass during your holidays. It’s named after the Dutch royal family following the Dutch colonization of the island. In addition to the many government buildings in town, Oranjestad is also known for its shopping opportunities. Here you can easily find …

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Driving around in Aruba

driving around in Aruba

My alarm clock sounded horrible after only having slept for three hours. I didn’t want to skip today though, because I really like the island and I still wanted to explore it a little more. At ten o’clock we could then really leave and go see the tourist hotspots of Aruba! We started with a little stop at the supermarket to …

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Snorkeling in Aruba

snorkelling in aruba

I went back inside the hotel to ask if the van perhaps forgot to pick me up. This time, the woman of De Palm Tours was present at her desk and so I went straight to her. When I told her I already sat there for half an hour she said that the bus had already left. In my opinion, something went wrong… …

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Ariba Aruba!

She greeted me in English, but soon switched to Dutch. It’s quite a weird feeling to hear your native language when you’re on the other side of the world! Right when I was putting my stuff in the lovely air conditioned room, a girl from the hostel also came in with a boy she had met at the pub. She was American, he …

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