17x What to see in Australia

what to do in australia

Tasmania is the largest island in Australia. With a size similar to West-Virginia or Switzerland, you can be sure that there is plenty to discover. You’ll also immediately notice that it looks very different here compared to mainland Australia. Hobart (the ‘capital’ of Tasmania) is the perfect starting point for many interesting day trips and sights. A visit to one …

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Getting to Kangaroo Island + 8x What to do – Self guided or tour?

Kangaroo Island what to do

Kangaroo Island is one of those places that you immediately fall in love with. With just over 4,200 inhabitants on this third largest island in Australia, you’ll immediately notice that it’s still pretty untouched here. The vast majority of this place is protected area. Rugged beaches flirt with the transparent azure waters and in turn are covered by entire colonies …

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Exploring Australia’s Fraser Island with a 4WD

fraser island off road driving

Imagine a beautiful white beach that stretches out for over seventy five miles. This fantastic feature makes Fraser Island one of the most beautiful places to go in Australia. The island is very popular with tourists and locals, but here tourism is done right. Australia takes very good care of the fragile eco system in this wonderful place by closely …

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