Visiting the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia

Visiting Angkor Wat

  The name ‘Angkor Wat’ in Khmer (the official language of Cambodia) means as much as “Temple of the Holy City” and was originally built as a Hindu temple for the god of Vishnu in the twelfth century. At the end of the same century, it changed into a Buddhist temple. Angkor itself was built by the Khmer king Suryavarnam …

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10 amazing places to visit in Cambodia

places to visit in Cambodia

  It’s difficult to complete this list without this world-famous UNESCO heritage. Angkor Wat is the national symbol of Cambodia to such an extent that you can even find it on the flag. Angkor is also more than just Angkor Wat because you’ll find 71 other temples and buildings here. You should definitely not miss Bayon with its 54 towers …

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