Island tour Curacao

Peters tours Curacao

I told Stephanie that I wanted to ‘take a trip’ here in Curacao and she didn’t understood me quite well… “You want to trip in Curacao?” She asked. Dutch and Flemish still have some minor language differences I noticed over and over again… My second night I hung out in a nice club. Stephanie, a Belgian girl -Jolien- and a German whose …

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Snorkeling in Aruba

snorkelling in aruba

I went back inside the hotel to ask if the van perhaps forgot to pick me up. This time, the woman of De Palm Tours was present at her desk and so I went straight to her. When I told her I already sat there for half an hour she said that the bus had already left. In my opinion, something went wrong… …

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Ariba Aruba!

She greeted me in English, but soon switched to Dutch. It’s quite a weird feeling to hear your native language when you’re on the other side of the world! Right when I was putting my stuff in the lovely air conditioned room, a girl from the hostel also came in with a boy she had met at the pub. She was American, he …

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Chilling in Punta Cana

Houses next to the water in Punta Cana

In the meantime I also got to know Norbert, a Hungarian guy who moved to London and works there as a paramedic. He was also clearly in love with travelling, because he had already visited many places. Unfortunately, the introduction was of short duration because his trip was just about to finish. Luckily I got on very well with Manuel, …

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Saona island!

Saona Island

In the brochure, they asked us to be ready at 6:30 in the morning. About one hour later, I was finally picked up. Once I boarded the car, an American family from Michigan greeted me with a bored sigh. “You just missed the most exciting part! Right before we picked you up, we had to wait for thirty minutes for …

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Arrival in Punta Cana

Punta Cana

When the Bavaro Express bus from Santo Domingo drove into this tourist hotspot, I immediately noticed a big difference with the rest of the Dominican Republic. The city is a lot cleaner, the roads are better and when I watch left and right I can see ressorts towering over the smaller buildings. A huge difference with the other cities I …

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Fun in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata central square

Eventually, I got my deposit and I was glad to leave the place. The trip would normally take three and a half hours, but only five hours later I arrived in Puerto Plata. The North coast of the Dominican Republic. It was completely different than Santo Domingo. A more relaxed vibe, I felt. In the capital, I had seen almost …

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Los Tres Ojos and partying!

Los tres ojos national park in Santo Domingo

The percentage of alcohol is a lot higher than what I’m used to in Belgium, and it doesn’t take long until I get a little tipsy. At least it helps me talk to other people! Besides us, two Haitians take place. With them I can communicate quite easily, since they also speak French. When we’re just a tiny bit more …

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Santo Domingo, day two

Sea around Santo Domingo

For today, I hadn’t really made plans yet. I already saw most of Santo Domingo the previous day and I don’t think there was a lot left to explore.About thirty kilometers from where I stayed, there was a famous beach (Boca Chica), but because of easter weekend a lot of locals discouraged me to go there now. On top of …

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