Swimming with dolphins in a responsible way

Swimming with dolphins

First, you need to decide if you want to swim with wild or captured dolphins. Actually, this is an easy decision, but I’d like to explain both options to you. When you choose to swim with trained (caught) dolphins, you contribute to a terrible system. Dolphins are often caught in the wild and then sold to dolfinaria or other marine …

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Seaquarium Curacao – Swimming with dolphins

Dolphin swimming curacao seaquarium

Because I was a lot earlier than my scheduled time, I wandered around a bit in the outdated Seaquarium complex. After looking at the fish, flamingo’s and some of the sharks I could finally start with what I came for: swimming with dolphins! After we saw several short films about the dolphins and their trainers we got greeted by their …

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Island tour Curacao

Peters tours Curacao

I told Stephanie that I wanted to ‘take a trip’ here in Curacao and she didn’t understood me quite well… “You want to trip in Curacao?” She asked. Dutch and Flemish still have some minor language differences I noticed over and over again… My second night I hung out in a nice club. Stephanie, a Belgian girl -Jolien- and a German whose …

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Arrival in Curacao!

Arrival in Curacao

When my visa finally got checked, I stepped outside and took a taxi to my hostel. The name of my place was great fun; the Ritz accommodations. Normally, the Ritz is an upscale hotel chain but this particular hotel/hostel was actually a budget option. The hostel was an ice factory in a former life and now it was changed into a hotel and some …

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