Czech Republic

11 Places to visit in Prague and its surroundings

places to visit in Prague

In history books, Prague is already referred to as the city of the hundred towers. Those of the Saint Vitus cathedral jump out above all of them! Due to the fact that it took hundreds of years to complete the construction of this beautiful building, various building styles can be identified. There is enough information in and around the cathedral. …

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Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad

Karlovy Vary or Karlsbad

From one of the smaller stations in Prague (Praha Florenc) I managed to hop on the bus about five minutes before it left. The Student Agency bus lines have a great service around Prague and I can definitely recommend their busses. The very comfortable bus took me 160 Czech crowns, or about six euros / 7 dollars. With excellent internet …

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Ossuarium of Sedlec in Kutna Hora

The Sedlec ossuary or the bone chapel of Prague, Czech Republic (Czechia)

From Prague there are many tour operators offering trips to Kutna Hora. In itself this is not a bad idea, because the trains in the Czech Republic have endless delays and connections to see the bone church are ridiculously bad. If you have little time or just don’t want to lose a lot of your time, I recommend to take …

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Traveling through Eastern Europe: Prague


In Belgium it’s raining and storming. People tell me that I’m crazy when they hear I’ll be going to the Czech Republic. “It’s even colder there! Why don’t you choose a warmer destination?” – If I’m honest, the cold weather and darkness appeal to me as well. At least if it’s not for too long. It takes a little more than one hour of …

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