London Eye: information + photos + tickets online

London Eye tickets

When you’re in London, chances are really high that you’ll walk by the Ferris wheel at some point. You’ll find the popular attraction on the South Bank by the Thames, diagonally opposite the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, in the middle of the city center. If you want to enjoy the fabulous views from this Ferris wheel, don’t …

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Visiting Stonehenge from London

visiting stonehenge

    Most people give a rather vague answer to this question. “Isn’t Stonehenge that pile of strange rocks somewhere in England?” Technically, they are right, but this historic monument is so much more than just a bunch of strange stones. A ‘henge’ refers to a round or rough oval ditch with an external bank. Stonehenge is different in that …

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Stratford Upon Avon: Shakespeare’s hometown

stratford upon avon shakespeare

Stratford-Upon-Avon is a super-cozy town in central England, not too far from Birmingham. There are of course more picturesque places in this country, but this village is so special because the famous William Shakespeare was born here and eventually also died here. Shakespeare’s Stratford-Upon-Avon is characterized by beautiful wooden half-timbered houses, the façades of which have been largely preserved. If …

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Warwick Castle

warwick castle birmingham

In 1068, William the Conqueror ordered a motte-and-bailey castle to be built on the spot where an old fort once stood. Within the fortress walls there was once even a church! But a pious bishop didn’t think it belonged here and had it broken down again in 1127. The stone castle was actually only built under King Henry II. There …

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With a rental car through Birmingham!

Car rental Birmingham car hire

Birmingham undoubtedly has a lot to see in the city itself, but we chose to visit some places near Birmingham instead. Once the car was picked up at the Birmingham Airport car hire, we settled in the comfortable four-wheeler, did about a hundred prayers, and then gently pushed the accelerator to finally explore the English countryside! It takes some getting …

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10 awesome things to do in London

things to do in London

A visit to London isn’t complete without having sat in one of the egg-shaped cabins of the London Eye. This giant ferris wheel turns around in half an hour and gives you a spectacular view over the city. In the cabin you can roam freely or take a seat to take in the scenery. With children, it’s nice to see …

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