Visiting Sant Angelo Castle

sant angelo castle rome

  Between 134 and 139 the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome appeared on the right bank of the Tiber. The commissioner was the famous emperor Hadrian, whose ashes were kept here after his death. 138 was a bad year for the family because both Hadrian, his wife Sabina and his first adopted son Lucius Aelius died in this year. It was …

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The best restaurants of Bologna

Bologna restaurants

  If you want an explosion of your tastebuds, Then you have to go to l’Arcimboldo. This restaurant is just outside Bologna’s historic center and is best reserved a bit in advance because the food you get here is absolutely amazing. For only twenty-two euros, I received a small appetizer (from the house), a deliciously tasty pasta (€14), a dessert …

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Things to do in Cefalu and how to get there

things to do in Cefalu

The first thing you’ll notice about Cefalu (besides its beauty) is the calm atmosphere that prevails here. If you at least plan your visit, because during the summer months this cozy town is occupied by lots of tourists from anywhere in the world. This place, together with Mondello, is one of the nicest beaches on the beautiful Sicilian island. Therefore …

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A visit to the Duomo of Milan

  To visit the Duomo of Milan, you need to have tickets. Avoid waiting in line for hours and buy your tickets online and in advance (at the same price!). The best option is to invest in a Duomo Pass (€14). With this ticket, you can check out all sights inside and outside the cathedral and also climb the panoramic …

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A virtual visit of the Vatican museum

visit vatican museum

  Since Pope Julius II had the idea in the early sixteenth century of creating the Vatican Museums, they have become one of the most impressive art collections in the world. Egyptian mummies, Etruscan art and both antique and modern paintings; few other museums offer so much variation of such quality. The complex covers an area of 5.5 hectares and …

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Naples Catacombs

naples catacombs

  This is the most famous attraction of underground Naples. The first thing you’ll probably notice during a visit is that the catacombs are much larger than the (more) famous catacombs of Rome. This has to do with the workability and strength of the tuff, in which they have been excavated. Originally this was the tomb of a noble family, …

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18 Points of interest in Naples, Italy

< The royal castle is characterized by the noble public who lived here. The French, Aragonese, Spanish and Austrian kings have each made their mark on their home in their own way. Originally it was built by Charles I of Anjou in 1279-1282 and afterwards it was gradually expanded. The most impressive addition is definitely the triumphal arch between two …

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Climbing the cathedral of Palermo

palermo cathedral

In 1185 the church was built on top of a Byzantine church, later it was renamed a mosque, to which all kinds of extras were added after the umpteenth conquest of the city. Later, typical additions from the Renaissance and the Neoclassical art period were also added to this magnificent cathedral. The exterior is phenomenally beautiful, and you can undoubtedly …

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The Capuchin catacombs of Palermo

Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo

Once you have taken the stairs to the deepest part of the church, you end up in a dark world full of stuffed corpses. One is better preserved than the other. Each of the mummies of Palermo has its own facial expression, and that makes this cemetery a lot creepier. On the best-preserved bodies you can even see hair and …

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