11 Things to do in Helsinki

things to do in Helsinki

  During your trip to Helsinki, the still young city will surprise you. The capital of Finland is dominated by modern architecture, but other styles are also present. The influence of the Russians is still clearly visible and there are still a lot of historical sights in Helsinki to spot. The climate, with cold winters and perfect summers, also provide …

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Dining in the Ice Restaurant of Rovaniemi

ice restaurant rovaniemi

From the city center of Rovaniemi it takes about ten minutes driving until you arrive at the grounds of the ice restaurant. This restaurant is part of the icy Arctic Snow Hotel. Unfortunately the huge hotel that is carved out of snow and ice not be visited at this time of the year yet. The ice restaurant was already very impressive, so …

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Snowmobile adventure in Rovaniemi

wild nordic snowmobile

Fortunately, there are plenty of activities you can undertake in this arctic place. One of them is to rent a snowmobile. With a drivers license you can drive this motorcycle-like vehicle for a few hours. On average you pay €150 to €200 for a tour of three hours, where in total you can speed for about three hours through the beautiful …

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Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

In Helsinki it was already -9°C (16°F), but at this place all the way up north, it gets even colder. Yesterday it was a freezing -17°C (1.4°F), but today I got welcome by tropical temperatures of -13°C (8.6°F). The coming days, it seemed, I would be in desperate need for some sunburn lotion! It was barely 2:30 pm in this arctic place when the …

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Saunas in Helsinki

helsinki sauna

In most countries saunas are seen as pure luxury, and only the happy few have one of them. In Finland it is almost considered a basic right, as almost every vacation cottage, each and every house and all apartment blocks have one or more. Public saunas are therefore not really present in large numbers. Fortunately there are some to choose from, especially …

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Cheap restaurants in Helsinki

Cheap restaurants in HElsinki

My favorite in Helsinki. I admit, burgers and fries are not exactly healthy, but they are very tasty! The burgers who are served here are of high quality and you have a lot of choice. Every month there is also a burger of the month (during the Christmas period was for me a reindeer burger – BEST BURGER I EVER HAD!). You can …

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Tallinn to Helsinki with the ferry

Tallinn to Helsinki ferry

Around 9:30 AM I arrived in the easternmost Scandinavian country, and after walking about fifteen minutes I could drop off my heavy backpack at the hostel. The difference in prices with Tallinn could not be greater. Easily doubled, but usually tripled or even more. Doing a culinary trip around the restaurants of Helsinki like I did in Tallinn won’t make it this time, I think… …

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