This was the Notre Dame before the fire…

inside notre dame fire

Do you want to read more about the Notre Dame? Here you can read all about my own visit only a few months ago. A couple of months ago, I visited this French monument myself. Inside, I made quite a lot of photos. It’s a shame that this beautiful interior went up in flames, and therefore I wanted to create …

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Which Seine river tour in Paris should I pick?

river tour seine

It doesn’t really matter which Seine cruise you choose, because you’ll always follow the same route more or less. In most cases you leave from the Eiffel Tower and then you pass the Grand Palais, the Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay. You sail to the Institute of the Arab world (on the Ile Saint-Louis) and then you …

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23 Things you have to do in Paris!

things you have to do in paris

  There are many beautiful churches in Paris, but my personal favorite is Sainte Chapelle. I even go as far as to call it one of my favorite sights in Paris. This large chapel is tucked away on the Île de la cité (where you also find the Notre Dame), but it is certainly worth the search. This beautiful church …

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The Pantheon of France

france pantheon

  Note: sometimes the Panthéon of France is referred to as the ‘Paris Parthenon’, but this is in fact not the right name of this monument. So, if you’re looking for the ‘Parthenon in Paris’, people might stare at you like you’ve lost your mind. Just saying! Louis XV wasn’t bestowed with great health. When he got a severe attack …

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