11x Things to do in Usedom: the second biggest island of Germany

Things to do in Usedom

There are three imperial spas in Usedom (Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin) and the sea side resort Zinnowitz on Usedom. Each one of them lies near the beautiful golden beaches of the island and it almost looks like these places are trying to compete with each other in terms of opulence and decoration. These stunning buildings have characteristics of just about …

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Oktoberfest in Munich! Everything you need to know about this party!

On October 12, 1810, Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Theresia of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The citizens of Munich were allowed to share in the celebration because they were invited to the festivities organized in the fields in front of the city gates. These fields were called Theresienwiese (Meadow of Theresia), and therefore the inhabitants of Munich often refer to the Oktoberfest as …

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Places to see the remains of the Berlin Wall today

Berlin wall today

Of course it’s great to see the remainders of the Berlin Wall, but a guide really does make everything more interesting. A guided tour to some of these impressive leftovers isn’t expensive at all and will give you a better understanding of what it must have felt like to live here during this period in time. I always use GetYourGuide …

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Visiting the TV tower of Berlin: the Fernsehturm

  The history of the TV tower started in the former GDR (DDR) district of Berlin, the east side of the city. The city would get a television tower outside the city center. Due to financial problems and time pressure from the board, Alexanderplatz was chosen as a location. The installation was led by German architect Hermann Henselmann, who invented …

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Fernsehturm restaurants and partying in Berlin!

Day two in Berlin

Tijl had a surprise for when I came to Berlin. He booked four tickets to go eat at the Fernsehturm restaurant. The fernsehturm is another landmark in Berlin, and it’s in face Europe’s tallest building! As a visitor, you can go spy on Berlin from above while feasting on some delicious meals at the slowly revolving restaurant on top of the TV tower. Tijl had …

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Berlin citytrip


My incredibly cheap flight with Ryanair left Wednesday at 9:30 pm, and all day I was looking forward to finally leave! By train I left for Zaventem international airport. With an hour delay the crowded jet finally took off. An hour later we eventually arrived in this very atypical European metropolis. Tijl had come to Berlin with his car, so he was now waiting for …

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