5x Unforgettable travel ads: The best commercials of all time

original travel ads

Iceland is one of the most magical travel destinations on earth. But the one thing that can spoil your vacation is receiving work emails while you’re trying to relax in a hot pool. In a witty commercial, Iceland declares that they’ve created the perfect solution for travelers – “outhorse your emails.” In the advertisement it shows real horses using gigantic …

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The best time and place to see the northern lights: the ultimate aurora borealis guide

  It pretty much comes down to collisions between electrically charged particles of the sun entering our atmosphere. You can see these lights above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. In the north they are known as “aurora borealis” and in the south as “aurora australis”. These lights come in all kinds of colors, although green and …

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Whale watching in Iceland

  Throughout the year, whales visit the North Atlantic. Sperm whales, pilot whales, killer whales, porpoises, humpbacks, minke whales, common fin whales, gray whales, white dolphins, … These are only to name a few that you may encounter during a whale safari in Iceland. These gigantic mammals can be seen all year round in Iceland because there is so much …

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The golden circle in Iceland: a practical guide

the golden circle iceland

With the many waterfalls, geysers and views of the beautiful national parks, the Golden Circle in Iceland is an ultimate tourist excursion for those who don’t have enough time to complete the Ring Road (which brings you all over the island). The route is in fact a loop that brings you from Reykjavik to some of the best natural points …

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12 points of interest you must see in Iceland!

What to see in Iceland

In this blog post, you’ll also find my favorite tours and excursions with GetYourGuide. I used this website to get more inspiration during my holidays in Iceland. They’re easy to use and you can cancel every tour or ticket up to 24h in advance without losing any money.   There’s a lot of whales swimming around Iceland all year round. …

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Visiting Iceland’s blue lagoon

Iceland's Blue Lagoon

  As soon as you get near the sources you’ll see the steam rising between the rocks. In the nearby building you can change your attire and then head to the springs. Find a spot in the warm water and brush your face with the cleansing cream that can be found everywhere. There is also a waterfall where you can …

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