Things to do in Riga: my favorites!

Things to do in Riga

  Everything in Riga is within walking distance and there is plenty to experience and visit for a weekend to enjoy your stay. One of the absolute top attractions of Riga is the House of the Blackheads. This beautiful building is located in the old town and was founded in the fourteenth century for the Brotherhood of Blackheads, a guild …

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Riga to Tallinn

Tallinn Estonia

For two euros I take the tram and fifteen minutes later I arrive at my hostel for the next three nights: the United Backpackers Hostel. Cheap, clean, friendly staff. What would a backpacker want more? Earplugs maybe, because my two neighbors seem to organise a snoring contest every night. Well… Staying at youth hostels doesn’t only have advantages! It’s true what they say. …

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Kemeri national park and Jurmala

The Kemeri National Park lies less than fifty kilometers from Riga. This park is a large nature preserve, best known for his giant marsh (bog) landscapes. In some places the swamp is as deep as of twelve storey building! Not exactly a place you want to go take a dip in! Luckily, beautiful wooden pathways were laid out so you can visit the park …

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Nice bars and restaurants in Riga

riga restaurants and bars

It’s a bad habit, but I don’t often eat breakfast. During my three-day stay in the capital of Latvia, I had breakfast only once, and that on my last day. Had I known earlier that my breakfast would be so good, I probably would’ve you ignore my bad habit for a couple of days! ‘Big Bad Bagels’ may sound a bit like …

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Citytrip Riga

citytrip Riga

Riga is the largest capital of the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and that is something you see right away! Of course I can not (yet) speak for Tallinn, but compared to Vilnius, the city already looks a lot bigger! In terms of size, I could compare it with the Belgian city of Ghent. I think a short city trip to Riga is …

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