The 5 best places to visit in Luxembourg

places to visit luxembourg

Forty-five minutes from the capital city (Luxembourg City) lies the most famous castle in Luxembourg: Castle Vianden. On the spot where once a Roman fortress stood, was then placed a Carolingian castle and later it was occupied and embellished with Romanesque and Gothic features. As is the case with castles, power also changed several times until ,after many transfers, it …

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The casemates of Luxembourg: underground military corridors

casemates of Luxembourg

During the Middle Ages (and even later) Luxembourg was a very important location in the center of Europe. For that reason, a lot of blood was wasted to capture this region and thereby strengthen the power of the ruler. Many warlords tried, but it was only in 1644 that the Spaniards actually succeeded in taking over Luxembourg city. The limited …

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Visiting Vianden Castle in Luxembourg

Vianden Castle had a very turbulent existence. It endured several dynasties, some natural disasters, a lot of construction work and quite a few wars. It might be called a wonder that you can still visit this beautiful castle today! The base of the castle was created by the Romans many centuries ago. Later on, a refugium was built at the …

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