Amsterdam to Bruges day trip: how to get there and what to see?

Amsterdam to Brugge

Sit tight and I’ll introduce everything you need to know for an easy day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges filled with charming canals, chocolate and historic sites in this enchanting Belgian city. Are you looking for a day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges? Then I recommend looking at the tours that GetYourGuide is offering. They have a lot of availability …

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The mysterious marl caves of Maastricht

maastricht caves

I read a lot of nice reviews about the Sint-Pietersfort (Fortress of Saint Peter) and the Maastricht caves on Tripadvisor. To avoid queues, I bought my tickets in advance. The marl caves and the Fort have little to do with each other, but throughout history their paths crossed quite a few times. The caves of Maastricht aren’t actually a natural …

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Canal boat tour Amsterdam: What to expect?

canal boat tour Amsterdam

    First of all, you should know that the history of this unique city is almost inextricably linked to water. Over the centuries, no less than 165 canals have been built in Amsterdam to stimulate trade and facilitate the transport of goods. In 2010, UNESCO was therefore able to declare the canal ring as a world heritage site. And …

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Cycling in Limburg (Netherlands): The Three-Country border and other things to do

cycling limburg netherlands

From the super cozy Gulpen (about half an hour from Maastricht by public transport) I rented an electric bike at rental company Rocca (address: Landsraderweg 13). Believe me… An e-bike is not a luxury here! Instead of a regular electric bike, I was offered the latest version: the Kingo e-bike. An electrified two-wheeler with a gigantic tablet on the steering wheel …

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A weekend in Schiermonnikoog


Holidays don’t always need to be long and tiring. A short holiday to a Wadden Island is enough to fully recharge your batteries. There is plenty to do for people who like sightseeing, but also a day of doing nothing on the beautiful beaches or on top of the beautiful dunes are just as amazing! Together with some Flemish travel …

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Discovering Schiermonnikoog National Park

discovering schiermonnikoog national park

Together with the female forester of Schiermonnikoog, we explored the beautiful national park on our bike. Unfortunately, there was a lot of fog and the raindrops fell non-stop on our numb hands. But even then, the Schiermonnikoog national park is still a feast for the eyes! I think that the best way to explore the national park is by bicycle. …

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The Christmas Market of Maastricht: Magic Maastricht

Christmas market Maastricht

From the station to the inner city the Christmas spirit prevails. In order not to miss a second of all this beauty, I like to show you the most beautiful places of Magic Maastricht! Year after year, the cozy Christmas market in Maastricht is organized at the Vrijthof. This central square is located in the middle of several nice restaurants …

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The best things to do in Schiermonnikoog

things to do in schiermonnikoog

In the village center there is a gigantic white arched gate. It looks like two ivory tusks have been put together, but this gigantic monument of Schiermonnikoog is nothing less than a jaw of the blue whale. Many whaling expeditions were organized from the Wadden Islands, and later on the valuable loot was taken back to the Netherlands. Cod liver …

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