The Valkenburg caves Christmas market

Valkenburg caves Christmas market

A lot of Christmas events take place all over the city. The best known are undoubtedly the Valkenburg caves Christmas markets. No fewer than three former marl caves are transformed into a Christmas paradise during the cold winter months. The largest Christmas cave in Valkenburg is the Gemeentegrot (‘Municipal cave’). Thousands of people and dozens of stalls fit in effortlessly …

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How to spend one day or a weekend on Ameland

Depending from where you arrive, it can be a long drive to Friesland, from where you have to take the ferry to Ameland. It’s therefore better to stay in the area and make the crossing to the Wadden Island early in the morning. Instead of spending a single day on Ameland, you can also book a weekend of course. Together …

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The Valkenburg Christmas market: Christmas caves and more!

I think there is no better place to celebrate Christmas than in Valkenburg. This relatively small city is located in the south of Holland, just across the Belgian and German border. From the train station on you are quietly being immersed in the Christmas atmosphere that hangs here. A friendly, luminous teddy bear wishes you a warm welcome to Valkenburg. …

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The 2 lighthouses of Schiermonnikoog

schiermonnikoog lighthouse

Not one but two beautiful lighthouses adorn the skyline of Schiermonnikoog. Both towers were erected in 1853 and they worked together for a long time to guide sea men from all over the world through this dangerous area. That function has long since become a thing of the past, but both buildings still offer a wonderful insight into the history …

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Hotel Nobel on Ameland

Hotel Nobel in Ameland is a contemporary hotel with all modern conveniences. With a central location in the picturesque city of Ballum, you’re never too far away from the best sights and activities on the island. The hotel has 19 giant rooms, equipped with all the luxury you could possibly need. If you prefer a slightly more special hotel experience, …

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8 Things to do on Ameland, one of the Dutch Wadden islands.

The highest building on the island is the red and white striped lighthouse of Ameland. This beautiful tower is visible from all over the island and therefore one of the highlights of Ameland. The Bornrif (the name given to the lighthouse) is located in Hollum and was built in 1880 to protect ships from the dangerous sandbanks lying the Wadden …

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Hiking Ameland island

hiking Ameland island

There are many hiking trails on Ameland, and you can easily combine them with each other. Yet there are about eight walks that are worthwhile if you want to get to know all the different areas of the island. Along the way you can see a lot of sand, cute villages and the local fauna and flora. Wester beach-Hollumer forest. …

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Cycling Schiermonnikoog island

schiermonnikoog island

If you want to explore the national park of Schiermonnikoog you can’t really do much wrong. The big path, just out of town, leads you along the ‘Westerplas’, the dunes, the beach and finally the ‘Vredenhof’ before you arrive back in the village center. The whole path is a few miles long, but on the way you have more than …

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The Art Month of Ameland

For a whole month this Wadden Island is transformed into a canvas for artists from all over the world who get the chance to exhibit their works. These exhibitions are located all over the island. And you should can take that quite literally! The paintings, sculptures and beautiful constructions don’t just stand in museums or exhibitions. The beaches, dunes, roads …

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