Katwijk with Stephanie!

Katwijk aan zee, the Netherlands

From Amsterdam I took the train to Leiden and it only took me a short twenty minute ride until I arrived. From Leiden station, I still had to sit for half an hour on the bus. Stephanie would be waiting for me at the final bus station. I had already become very curious about Katwijk. Stephanie told me that it was …

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Utrecht, Utrecht, Utrecht

What to do in Utrecht?

I didn’t do that much today, but I wanted to do something as it was already my last day. When I searched for the “top things to do in Utrecht”, the ‘Speelklok Museum’ had quite a prominent place in all of those lists. The museum exhibits all kinds of automatic music devices (and its history). The bombastic organs (musical ones, of …

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Maastricht caves

Saint Peter fort in Maastricht.

After a surprisingly short night I decided to wake up anyway and get myself some breakfast. The only things I don’t like about hostels, is that you never know what people you will end up with. There are people who snore (check), noisy (double check) or actually belong in a nursing home and do not know how put on sheets on their …

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Maastricht for the weekend!

Skyline of Maastricht.

Panic attack! I just crossed the border with the squeaking train, but the speakers stay awfully silent. We stop at a small station and through the window I can see “Maastricht University”. Is it this my stop? Do I go or stay one more stop? I decide to remain seated, because it seems to me that this station is very …

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