Car rental in Lisbon: is it necessary?

car rental lisbon

A rental car in Lisbon is very cheap. For one week you can already rent a small car for less than €40!!! If you would like a slightly larger car, you’ll still only pay €550. Add the insurance and you still only pay €85 to €100 for a week of unlimited use of your rental car. I pretty much always …

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Lisbon to Sintra: visiting the palaces and castles of Sintra

lisbon to sintra

  I never thought that there was a place in this world that looked exactly like the places described in the stories of the Brothers Grimm. Dozens of strange palaces and castles erected by power-hungry and wealthy monarchs stand amidst a vast woodland that can best be described as an enchanted forest. The only thing that really lacks here are …

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15+ Things to see in Lisbon + 2 day trips

things to see in lisbon

  If you’re planning to do some sightseeing in Lisbon, then it might be a good idea to purchase the ‘Lisbon Card or Lisboa Card‘. For €19 (valid for 24h) you can make unlimited use of all public transport in Lisbon and get free admission to many special sights (including the Jeronimos Monastery, the Belem Tower, the Lisbon Pantheon, São …

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17x What to do in Madeira

Along the article, you can also find my favorite tours from GetYourGuide. I use them when I want to uncover new things to do in my selected destinations. They’re easy to use and book with and you can cancel every tour up to 24 hours in advance.   Many marine mammals and beautiful fish call the ocean around this fairytale …

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16 x What to do in Porto and surroundings

what to do porto

  There are many, many, beautiful churches in Porto. At many of these Divine places, it’s not the interior that will need all of your attention, but the outside! The Capela das Almas is in my opinion the most beautiful, but the Igreja de Santo Ildefonso, the Igreja dos Carmelitas and the Igreja de San Nicolau are also extraordinary beautiful. …

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