33 spectacular things to do in the Azores

things to do in azores

As you may already know, the Azores archipelago consists of nine islands. I visited four during my visit. I noticed how enormous the differences between all these islands were, but that shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Because the islands were all created at different times, some of them even have an age difference of several millions of years! There …

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Dolphin and whale watching in the Azores

whale watching in the azores

  If you’re in the Azores and want to see whales and dolphins, then you have different options. Actually, there are whales around each and every island, but not all of the islands offer whale watching trips. You can spot whales on the Azores from the biggest islands: From the biggest -and in my opinion, also the most beautiful- island …

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The ultimate Azores travel guide + itinerary

azores travel guide

From Canada, the US or Europe you can fly to the Azores in only a couple of hours. If you need help in finding the cheapest tickets to this paradise destination, then I recommend reading my article on ‘how to find the cheapest flights’. I pretty much always find cheap tickets with SkyScanner.net. If you’re a bit flexible, you can …

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