Puerto Rico

Day two in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico castel of san felipe del morro inside.

I already saw the castle from the outside yesterday, but from the inside it was much more appealing. First I went to the Castillo San Felipe del Morro. A gigantic castle that once served to repel pirates and other bad boys from San Juan. The fort is located on the tip of the island on which the original San Juan (old San Juan) …

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Getting to know Puerto Rico

cuevo del indio puerto rico

In the evening some new people arrived in the hostel, like Steve. An Irishman who lived in New York. He really wanted to do a tour tomorrow, so I invited him to come with me and Genesis tomorrow. Win-win for both of us! Because the cost of my tour got cut in half. Nice! The next morning we were picked up by Genesis from …

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Arrival in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico Cover blog

I immediately noticed that Puerto Rico looked a lot more ‘civilized’ compared to some of the other islands I visited earlier on. Once the plane started descending, I saw a few skyscrapers and broad streets, crowded with cars. It immediately made me think of the United States. Which of course was logical, since Puerto Rico is part of the United States. The landing had gone very …

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