Sint Maarten

Planes on Maho Beach

Maho beach sint maarten planes

This time I tried preparing a little better and so I looked up all landing times of the aircrafts in advance. Although the type of aircraft never was noted, I checked the long distance planes and when they would land. These were, after all, guaranteed to be the larger planes! And that is of course the only reason to stand on this beach! At first, I wanted …

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Marigot and car crashes

Maho Beach - low hanging plane in Sint Maarten

Anke told us she had a rental car and so I asked what she was going to do today. She didn’t really have plan, so I suggested to do some sightseeing together. Cliff had nothing else to do, so he wanted to come with us as well. The more the merrier! I proposed to go to Marigot, the capital of the …

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Discovering Phillipsburg

After a horrible flight -I sat at the back, when I opened my window I saw only the engine of the plane, and I went completely deaf because of the terrible loud roar of the engine- I arrived in SxM (Sint Maarten) an hour later than originally scheduled. Unfortunately, I could not see the spectacular landing. After all, the airport in St Maarten is very …

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