The best places to visit in Stockholm and around

Best places to visit in Stockholm

  During a weekend in Stockholm, a visit to the Gamla Stan can’t be missed. The Old Town is without a doubt one of Stockholm’s most beautiful sights. The oldest part dates from the thirteenth century. Striking is that the building style of the buildings is North German, but the colors that are used -orange and dark yellow- make you …

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14 Things to do in Malmö, Sweden

Things to do in Malmo, Sweden

Let’s start at the beginning. Who crosses the Öresund bridge or the Sont bridge from Denmark to Malmö, Sweden already has seen one of Malmö’s most remarkable sights. The bridge consists of a railway line with a road that extends to the island of Peberholm, and is about 5 miles long. From the island, the bridge continues in the form …

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