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The ultimate guide for planning diving holidays

diving holiday

How unique your diving holiday will be depends on the destination you choose. Are you going for a diving holiday in Europe? Or would you like something a bit more exotic? Here are some of the most renowned diving destinations in the world. The Red Sea in Egypt is perhaps the most popular destination for those who want a diving …

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The ultimate guide to carry on luggage rules

carry on luggage rules

Of course, the requirements imposed on carry on luggage can change. It’s therefore advisable to recheck on the airport or airline’s website. This question can be answered with two digits: ‘nine’ and ‘eleven’. Since this date there are a lot of rules imposed for taking hand luggage on the aircraft. This all has to do with safety; your safety to …

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How to search for cheap flights?

cheap flights

A few years ago, I used random search engines mostly to book my flights to distant countries. For a flight to Los Angeles I paid 800 euros (900 USD), flights to New York cost me almost the same. Expensive, but there were no other options available. But then I discovered! This website isn’t really different from other websites that …

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