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The absolute best places to see in New orleans

best places to see in new orleans

  Located next to the twists of the mighty Mississippi River, New Orleans was originally a French outpost in 1718, making it one of the oldest cities in the United States. Although it is the largest city in Louisiana, NOLA is not the capital. That honor is reserved for Baton Rouge. The inhabitants of The Big Easy are the unique …

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Visiting Everglades National Park with boat tours

Everglades national park boat tours

The Everglades National Park includes one fifth of the original southern Everglades and is also the largest tropical wilderness in the United States. After Death Valley (California) and Yellowstone (Wyoming) it is also the third largest national park in the country. It is therefore not surprising that (since 1979) it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. But what makes …

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A quick trip to the Statue of Liberty

visit statue of liberty

  The Statue of Liberty has been showing off on Liberty Island since October 28, 1886. Originally, the copper statue was a gift from the French people to congratulate the Americans with their independence and to celebrate the abolition of slavery. It was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and built by the famous Gustave Eiffel. They chose the Roman goddess …

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My 14 favorite places to go in Miami

places to go in miami

    When you think of Miami, you may already dream of the sunny beaches where you can enjoy the good weather in great temperatures. Miami Beach may be the biggest reason why tourists travel here. Relaxing in the afternoon is one of the best things to do in Miami, but the whole area is in fact one of the …

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A visit to the Empire State Building

visit empire state building

  Most tourists are only interested in visiting the observation platform of the ESB. Of course, the view of the Empire State Building is breathtaking but this tourist attraction offers a lot more. In the lobby you can admire the beautiful art deco murals and there are also two interesting exhibitions: the ‘Dare To Dream‘ and ‘Sustainability’ Exhibit. And of …

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Visit Top of The Rock Observation Deck

top of the rock tickets rockefeller center

Almost no name is so inextricably linked to the American Dream as that of Rockefeller. His legacy has also manifested itself in the streets and even the skyline of New York City: the imposing Rockefeller Center and more specifically the Top of the Rock is the ideal place to take in the grandeur of NYC. The first question posed by …

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Visit Alcatraz

visit Alcatraz

One mile from San Francisco’s coast lies the most famous prison island of the world: Alcatraz. What many don’t know is that it was originally a military fort (from 1850 to 1907) and then a military prison (from 1907 to 1933). It was only in 1934 that it was used as a prison because of its remote location and because …

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Swimming with dolphins in a responsible way

Swimming with dolphins

First, you need to decide if you want to swim with wild or captured dolphins. Actually, this is an easy decision, but I’d like to explain both options to you. When you choose to swim with trained (caught) dolphins, you contribute to a terrible system. Dolphins are often caught in the wild and then sold to dolfinaria or other marine …

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