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Visit Alcatraz

visit Alcatraz

One mile from San Francisco’s coast lies the most famous prison island of the world: Alcatraz. What many don’t know is that it was originally a military fort (from 1850 to 1907) and then a military prison (from 1907 to 1933). It was only in 1934 that it was used as a prison because of its remote location and because …

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Swimming with dolphins in a responsible way

Swimming with dolphins

First, you need to decide if you want to swim with wild or captured dolphins. Actually, this is an easy decision, but I’d like to explain both options to you. When you choose to swim with trained (caught) dolphins, you contribute to a terrible system. Dolphins are often caught in the wild and then sold to dolfinaria or other marine …

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12 Awesome things to do in Florida

Things to do Florida

Miami is one of the most trendy cities in the US. Not only does the city habe a vibrant nightlife with many cool nightclubs, it also has beaches such as Miami Beach which are some of Miami’s best attractions. The tropical beaches alone make Miami a perfect mix between American culture and the Caribbean. The reason for Miami having so …

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Florida Itinerary for 2 weeks

Florida itinerary

The United States attract many people year after year. The giant cities and vast nature are a perfect combination, and for many travel loving Europeans America soon feels very familiar. In the southernmost state of the US, you get acquainted with all facets of America: metropolitan areas, culture, history and nature. With fourteen days in Florida, you have more than …

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