Premium Economy from Brussels to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific

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Hong Kong is a city that you have to see at least once in your life. It's a surprising metropolis with a mix of diverse cultures, so many things to discover, fantastic restaurants, ... I personally find it one of the best destinations in the world!
Twelve hours of flying from Belgium is better done in a relaxed manner. A comfortable flight is therefore the best option to fully enjoy your trip. Would you like to have more comfort than in Economy Class but is Business Class a bit too expensive? Then do just like me: I flew from Brussels to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific in Premium Economy Class. What can you expect? I'll tell you in this blog post.

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Cathay Pacific Premium Economy

On most flights you have two or three classes, but on the long haul aircrafts from Cathay Pacific you get one extra class.
Premium economy is actually a class in between Business Class and Economy and I myself have experienced that you’ll be pampered to the extreme in Premium Economy.

The premium economy class of Cathay Pacific is the perfect way to travel a long distance flight from Brussels to Hong Kong. After all, you’re on the plane for about twelve hours, so you’d better get comfie!

premium economy cathay pacific

What can you expect?

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy provides a very comfortable flight in which you’re almost spoiled as much as in Business Class (and of course at a much more affordable price. For a Premium Economy flight from Brussels to Hong Kong and back you pay about €1400).

It actually already starts at check-in because you don’t have to wait in the queue anymore. You can just skip the line and continue on without any stress. The same applies for the boarding on the aircraft itself. Because the Premium Economy seats of Cathay Pacific are located at the front, it’s also very easy to get out of the plane quickly once you land.

During the flight, everything is done to make your travels as comfortable as possible. Refreshing towels to freshen up and non-stop drinks (and yes, champagne is included in the price too!). Do you have any other wishes? Then the stewards will gladly help you out.

Personally, I also found the amenity kit quite welcome during this long flight. Ear plugs, a handy eye mask, a pair of snug socks and even a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste. During and after the flight you stay nice and fresh and with a bit of a jet lag, that feeling is more than welcome!

Further in this article I also discuss the comfort of the seats, the entertainment and of course the food and drinks on board of this Airbus A350.

champagne cathay pacific

Grab yourself a glass of bubbles and relax with some extra legroom.

The seats

During a flight from Brussels to Hong Kong you better be at ease. After all, twelve hours is not nothing! The reason why I recommend Premium Economy from Cathay Pacific has everything to do with the comfort of the seats.
Compared with Economy Class, Premium Economy offers a lot more legroom. You can also tilt your chair further to the back and a support is provided at the bottom of your feet.
I’m a very difficult sleeper on (long-distance) flights and on this flight I’ve not had much trouble falling asleep for the first time. Or maybe that had something to do with the eye mask and the earplugs that surprised me inside the amenity kit?

In the back of the chair you’ll find a (handy) folding table that’s also much bigger than in Economy Class. This makes it perfect to get comfortable with your laptop or to enjoy your food in a more pleasant way. Do you need some more space for your glass of champagne? You can always put it on the smaller fold-out platform located inside the opposite armrest.

The two USB ports and the power socket (It’s English, so don’t forget your travel adapter!) are also very handy. They are integrated in the armrest. This way you’ll have a fully recharged battery in Hong Kong and you can immediately notify your friends and family that you have landed.

cathay pacific brussels hong kong

The chairs in Premium Economy are pure luxury!

The entertainment

From your comfortable seat you can -with or without champagne- enjoy a wide choice of entertainment. The TV screen is quite big and has a huge selection. You can watch the latest movies (and of course some classics), or a large number of popular TV series or interesting documentaries. There are also music albums of the world’s greatest artists and you can play cool games to keep you busy for a few hours.
All this entertainment also includes excellent sound and that’s really something that I loved about my flight in Premium Economy with Cathay Pacific. After all, you don’t get shabby earplugs here, but actual headphones with very good sound. Moreover; they look very fashionable once you decided to wear them, and that’s also important! Right?

Do those hundreds of movies, TV series, games or music albums all mean nothing to you? Then you can happily use the Wi-Fi on board of the plane.
I didn’t try it myself, but I suppose that at ten thousand meters in the air, Netflix can also provide the necessary entertainment!

in flight entertainment cathay pacific

There is plenty to do during your flight with Cathay Pacific!

Food and drinks

To top off your Premium Economy flight with Cathay Pacific, your taste buds should also be spoiled!
During this long haul flight, your stomach will not start to growl quickly. I departed Brussels at 1:10 pm and almost immediately, lunch was served.
During my flight I could choose between cannelloni with ricotta, spinach, asparagus and truffle sauce or slow cooked beef cheeks with a potatoe gratin, broccoli and roasted pumpkin. For dessert I enjoyed a delicious Häagen Daz ice cream.
In the morning, around three o’clock, the guests in Premium Economy got a crispy croissant with a delicious English breakfast and some fresh fruits.

You’re also not going to be thirsty. Soft drinks, fruit juices, water and of course a collection of nice beers, wines and even champagne are served during the flight! What else would you want as a customer?

cathay pacific menu

From this menu you can choose which culinary delights you want to be prepared for you.

flight brussels hong kong cathay pacific premium economy food

A cannelloni that tasted like it had just been flown in from Italy!

Or Economy class after all?

After my fantastic stay in Hong Kong, I traveled even further throughout Asia. For these other flights I booked Economy Class from Cathay Pacific. So… What are the differences? I sum them up for you:

  • The price, of course. A return flight in Economy Class from Cathay Pacific (Brussels >< Hong Kong) is already possible from €640 pp.
  • You have less legroom and you can’t lean as far back as with the seats in Premium Economy. There’s also no feet rest at the bottom of the chair. Yet I must admit that the chairs in Economy Class are still very comfortable compared to many other airlines. Do you want more legroom? Book a seat at an emergency exit or at the very front of Economy Class.
  • With short flights there is no on-board entertainment, but with long-haul flights you get as much choice as with the Premium Economy Class from Cathay Pacific, but on a slightly smaller screen.
  • You’ll also get good food served in Economy Class. Even at short flights! In Economy Class from Cathay Pacific you can choose between two dishes and these are also very delicious. Along the way you get drinks with your meal and tea and coffee is also regularly served.
  • You’ll of course not get priority boarding, an amenity kit and other extras that make your flight so comfortable.

As you can see, the Economy Class from Cathay Pacific is more than OK, but for a long haul flight I would rather opt for Premium Economy. Simply because the comfort on a twelve hour flight ensures that you start your journey stress free and that you can end it with a little peace and quiet. And that might just be what you need after you were given so many impressions in Hong Kong!

Economy cathay pacific

Need a lot of legroom? Book a seat at the very front of Economy Class!

cathay pacific economy class

The chairs during a Cathay Dragon flight.

A handy comparison

Are you still doubting between Economy Class, Premium Economy or perhaps even Business Class? These are the main differences:

 Economy ClassPremium Economy ClassBusiness Class
  • Leg space: 81 cm (32 inch)
  • Recline: Up to 15 cm (6 inch)
  • Breedte: 46 cm (18 inch)
  • Leg space: 101 cm (40 inch)
  • Recline: Up to 22 cm (9 inch)
  • Breedte: 47 cm (18,5 inch)
  • Leg space:  114 cm
  • Recline: Possibility to change seat into a fully flat bed from 2.08 meter (82 inch).
  • Breedte: 51 cm (20.2 inch)
TV-screen 27 cm (11 inch) 30 cm (12 inch) 47 cm (18,5 inch)
USB-port (charging point) Aanwezig Aanwezig Aanwezig
Luggage allowance 30 kg 35 kg 40 kg
Advance check-in NoYes Yes 
Meals and drinks Two choices Premium meals and unlimited drinks(+ champagne) Premium meals and unlimited drinks(+ champagne)
Amenity Kit No YesYes 
  • Noise canceling headphones
  • Extra storage space
Cost (flight Brussels – Hong Kong)From €670 ppFrom €1335 pp From €2310 pp
cathay pacific plane logo

For me Cathay Pacific is one of the best airlines which I’ve already boarded. So whatever class you choose… It’ll be good!

Do I need a visa for Hong Kong?

Citizens of about 170 countries can visit Hong Kong without a visa, often spanning from 7 to 180 days. All people from the United States, (most countries in) Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand can stay visa free for up to 90 days. The UK extends that up to 180 days.
During your stay you’ll receive a piece of paper between your passport. Keep this somewhere safe, because sometimes you have to give this back when you leave Hong Kong.

Another tip: don’t wait in the long queues at the border control, but go to the automated scanners (the same system as in Brussels Airport). They are often much faster and there aren’t so many people waiting.

flight ticket hong kong

Safe travels!

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