How to get from Copenhagen to Malmö? All options + costs + what to see

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During your city trip in Copenhagen, it's hard to resist a day trip to the lovely Swedish town of Malmö. Thanks to the dirt cheap bus connection between the two cities, you will find yourself in a different country in no time. Harboring a rich history, substantial amount of art and an oasis of peace and tranquility, it's somewhere you definitely don’t want to miss out on. In this blog post I will give you my best tips to travel from Copenhagen to Malmö.

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Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden. Despite the fact that the heart of the city is rather ancient, the small town does have a modern vibe to it and in fact, used to be a part of Denmark. This cozy little city is filled with fun museums, charming neighborhoods and parks, and makes for an ideal shopping spot. With the easy connection and loads to experience, you’ll be able to make the most of your day trip from Copenhagen to Malmö.

Copenhagen Malmö

From Copenhagen you can reach Malmö really easily. And fortune has it to be the perfect day trip!

How to get from Copenhagen to Malmö?

From Copenhagen there are various ways to reach Malmö and vice versa. I will give you an overview of the different options.

The quickest, most comfortable way is by taking the train. The most budget friendly way is to take the bus. For prices and schedules it is best to check out Omio.

Copenhagen to Malmö by bus

The Flixbus from Copenhagen to Malmö is the cheapest way to commute from the one city to the other. It’s also a really comfortable way to travel, though it should be noted that it can take at least an hour and a half each way.
You can score a ride on the bus starting from €3,90 to €6 per person. Want to compare Flixbus with other bus companies? You can easily do so through Omio. Here you will also find the different possibilities to take the train.

  • Point of departure and arrival: Copenhagen Central Station / Malmö Central Station
  • Price: starting from 3,90 euros per person.
  • Duration: You’ll be en route between one hour and one hour and a half (single trip).
  • Online booking and travel schedule: Website

Copenhagen to Malmö bus

Copenhagen to Malmö by train

This is the quickest and most comfortable mode of transportation. Thanks to the Öresundtag you can reach the center of Malmö in just 39 minutes. This high-speed train also rides on the Sunt Bridge, which serves as a direct connection between both cities.
Every 20 minutes a train leaves from Copenhagen central station to Malmö, and is your best bet if you’re on a time crunch.
If you’re coming directly from the airport you’re in luck, because the train runs even at night. Note that during rush hour the train can get pretty crowded, as many locals from Sweden and Denmark use the train to commute.

For a train ticket from Copenhagen to Malmö you’ll pay around €12.
To compare the various trains it is advised to use Omio. Here you can also by the way compare buses as well.

  • Point of departure and arrival: Copenhagen Central Station / Malmö Central Station
  • Price: starting from 12 euros per person.
  • Duration: You’ll be on the way for about half an hour (single trip).
  • Online booking and travel schedule: Website
train Copenhagen Malmö

The train from Copenhagen is the quickest way to reach Malmö.

Taking a Malmö tour from Copenhagen

Not really feeling like planning everything yourself? Then maybe you’d prefer to be shown the most beautiful places by a guide! In this case, you should opt for a Malmö tour from Copenhagen.
This one-day tour includes transportation by minivan, downtime in Malmö and a cruise along the quaint canals in the Swedish city along with coffee and cake.

  • Point of departure and arrival: City Hall Square Copenhagen (Rådhuspladsen)
  • Price: starting from 55 euros per person.
  • Duration: You’ll be gone for almost six hours.
  • Online booking and travel schedule: Website
Malmö tour from Copenhagen

Malmö is a city that’s full of architectural gems!

Copenhagen Malmö by car

Thanks to the Øresund (the famous Öresund bridge which you might know from the hit TV show The Bridge), a car ride from Copenhagen to Malmö only takes 47 minutes. That connection doesn’t only serve as a railroad, but also as a highway. The E20 directly leads you to the Swedish city.
If you are traveling by car, you should take into account the additional costs, such as gas and money for parking. You also have to pay toll to use the bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö.
For a single trip by passenger car over the Öresund Bridge you will pay €56. That is also why I don’t recommend crossing the border by car if you’re on a budget. The bus and train stand as a far cheaper option.

Are you planning on renting a car for multiple days? In that case, making use of the Öresund might be a good idea. For one day you’ll pay €65, but for one week barely €100!
It’s definitely advised to compare prices with different car rental companies. I myself always find the best deals on websites such as Sunny Cars which includes all-in insurance.

Copenhagen to Malmö day trip

Through the Öresund Bridge you can smoothly drive into Malmö from Copenhagen.

Important to know:

Do not forget that while traveling from Copenhagen to Malmö you also pass a country border. To be able to do so you therefore have to bring a valid proof of identity.

Oddly enough, the inspectors were giving me a really hard time about my Belgian identity card. When I finally showed them my driver’s license, they ended up letting me through. Because of this, I would recommend that you also take an international passport with you. This is also mentioned on the Omio website (where you can buy train tickets from Copenhagen to Malmö), so I do advise to bring it with you to be on the safe side.
Don’t have one? Take your driver’s license or another proof of identity with you as well to be sure.

little mermaid Copenhagen

There are quite a few monuments in Copenhagen (such as the Little Mermaid), but there are also many things to see in Malmö!

Once you’ve made it to Malmö: what’s next?

Swedish Malmö isn’t that big of a city, and yet there are a great deal of things to discover. Which makes it perfect for a day trip during your city trip in Copenhagen! Or would you prefer staying a little bit longer? You decide!

What is there to see in Malmö?

When traveling from Copenhagen to Malmö, in any event you cross the Öresund Bridge. This bridge is about 8 kilometers long and this makes it one of the most remarkable sights in this Swedish town.
Copenhagen Malmö by train drops you at the central station of the city. From there it only takes a couple of minutes to reach the old city center.
Stortorget is a really cozy square in the old town and also the perfect spot to grab a drink outside. You’ll notice some establishments are much more affordable than others, so choose wisely. The square will lead you to the lovely colorful neighborhood Lilla Torg and to the castle Malmöhus Slot. Do stroll around the cozy Slottsparken and Kungsparken or go sunbathing at Ribersborg Beach. From the beach you also have a great view of the Turning Torse, the turned tower and also the most famous monument in Malmö.

What are good places to go shopping in Malmö?

Shopaholics will have a field day in Malmö. On the Södergatan, one of the most popular shopping streets, you will find a great number of lovely shops filled to the brim with Scandinavian design and cute boutiques, as well as high end shops. Some shops you should definitely pop into are Designtorget and Norrgavel, both offering a really nice design. The shopping mall Triangeln on the other hand is home to all the big fashion chains such as H&M and Zara. If you’re interested in playful and cheerful clothing and accessories, be sure to check out Liebling, right outside the city center.

What to do in Malmö

The modern city kept quite a lot of its original glory!

Which museums are worth visiting in Malmö?

Malmö truly is a city where everyone can feel at home, but also for lovers of art. You’ll mostly find street art and modern art here.
For the annual Artscape festival international artists have embellished some facades and walls with really beautiful graffiti.
You should definitely browse to see where you can admire all their works. In addition you also can go to the museum of modern art, Moderna Museet, where you can marvel at works by Picasso, Dalf and Matisse.

Feeling hungry?

When your belly starts to growl after seeing all those lovely sights, it’s time to grab some food. The absolute best place to be is Bastard, an affordable Michelin-star restaurant. The menu changes on a daily basis, offering honest and delicious food. Just think of roasted chicken or a scrumptious pizza.
Has your shopping spree left you with a rather limited budget? Pop into Casual, where you’ll find street food such as hamburgers and hot dogs.
After all of these belly pleasing sites, you can head down to Möllevangerstorget, an ancient working-class neighborhood where you can score some refreshing drinks for relatively little cash.

travel from Copenhagen to Malmö

There’s no shortage of cozy streets in Malmö!

Travel deals to Denmark and Sweden

If you haven’t been to Copenhagen or Malmö yet or if you’d like to explore more of these stunning countries, then make sure to check out these travel deals:

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