Day three in Iceland

The best part of my tour through Iceland was yesterday. Or at least, that's what I thought. Today we still had a couple of great spots to see, but the biggest part of the day we would spend on the biggest glacier of Iceland: The Vatnajökull glacier.


Beautiful view over the Jökulsárlón lake before we head towards the glacier.

Personally, I thought this was gonna an easy stroll with a couple of beautiful mountains in the background. But I must admit that this was a completely different estimation!
I think I didn’t get what a glacier was. I just thought it was some kind of frozen wall. Not a frozen… Everything!

Ragnar told us that the hilly path we were driving on was called the ‘Batman Way’. This path was created when the “Batman Begins” movies were filmed in Iceland. This place was used in the scenes where Bruce Wayne trained on ‘The Himalaya’ and falls through the ice.

Luckily for us, we can now use this easy path to comfortably reach the glacier.

Before us, a giant frozen landscape shows up. You can best imagine it as if the hills are made completely out of ice. Or maybe even a sea where the wild waves stand still with an icy coating.

Spellbound, I took my crampons in my hands and noticed a big difference with the baby crampons from yesterday. These crampons look like deadly weapons to put your shoes in. Besides a helmet, this time we also got a pickaxe.

“That is mostly for the picture.” Says Ragnar. “But if you fall, what you can’t do in any circumstance, than it may help you.”

ijsland gletsjer pikhouweel

Striking a pose with my pickaxe!

The rest of our safety briefing was mostly about being slow, careful and showing how we needed to walk. (Imagine it as walking like a sumo wrestler).

I always get scared when people start to talk about safety over and over again, so of course I was a little scared when we made way to the frozen sea.

I had expected so much less from this glacier hike. But it actually was as exciting and beautiful as the ice caves we explored yesterday.

Surrounded by the snowy mountain tops and ferocious icy hills, this landscape was gorgeous!

Deep gaps from more then twenty metres split the blue landscapes in two and gave a creepy view into the giant black holes.

One of the holes where you could walk through was a hibernating cave for a polar bear, our guide said.
Of course I knew there were no polar bears in Iceland, but still I briefly fell for it. I was a little ashamed until someone came to me and asked if I had seen the bear or if I had taken a picture of it. I wasn’t the only one!

Ragnar did tell me that sometimes polar bears would show up in Icelandic waters. All alone on a broken off iceberg. The time it took for the animal to get here was so long, that the animal was so hungry and ferocious that they had to shoot it. Just because it was too dangerous.
Poor animal!

The giant landscapes went on for miles and miles. Of course, we couldn’t keep walking. A lot of the people already were tired and sweaty from the icy and slippery surface. Especially from the descents, where it was very hard to stay stable on your crampons.

We returned, without accidents, and left the giant glacier behind while we drove off to the setting sun.

We had four hours to go to Reykjavík.

But before we finally left, Ragnar wanted to show us one more thing. At a place where nothing really special was he stopped. Without prior warning, he got on all fours and started drinking from a natural stream.

“I bet you can’t do that at home!” He said.
The water in Iceland is so pure that you can even drink it right of the stream. Wow!

Three more hours and I would be in the capital again.
A capital that I didn’t very much liked when I arrived. Luckily the surrounding area was sooooo much better!

gletsjers klimmen ijsland

De ‘bedwongen’ gletsjer.

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