Hurtigruten in Norway

Norway Hurtigruten

After an exhausting Husky safari we still had plenty of time to enjoy Tromsø and think back to the last days. Tonight we were taking the famous Hurtigruten boat to the Lofoten Islands. The most beautiful islands of Norway, and according to some even of the world. Hurtigruten is a Norwegian company that has transported passengers around the arctic circle …

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Fjorden in Bergen

bergen fjorden noorwegen

Sigh, rubbing my eyes, yawn, stretch. I have to get out of my bed! Half an hour later, after putting on several layers of clothing again, I check my backpack and camera to make sure everything is okay before I leave. The trip to the Norse fjords starts at 10 AM from the cosy harbour. It’s a lot colder than …

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Bergen, Norway

bergen noorwegen

The more I think about it, the less I like Copenhagen. I must admit that the city itself is gorgeous, but the people are just not very kind… Probably I was just out of luck, because from other people I heard later that they didn’t meet any unkind people in Copenhagen. Anyway… I was happy to go on to my …

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