Amsterdam to Bruges day trip: how to get there and what to see?

Amsterdam to Brugge

Sit tight and I’ll introduce everything you need to know for an easy day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges filled with charming canals, chocolate and historic sites in this enchanting Belgian city. Are you looking for a day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges? Then I recommend looking at the tours that GetYourGuide is offering. They have a lot of availability …

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The most beautiful Christmas markets of Belgium

belgium christmas markets

I can’t help but start with the Belgian capital. Almost every year I visit ‘Winterpret’ or ‘Plaisirs d’Hiver’. A gigantic atmosphere market in the heart of Brussels, and in my opinion one of the best Xmas markets in Belgium. Spread over various squares, there are wooden pavilions that sell beautiful gadgets, make delicious desserts for you or warm up your …

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The Christmas market of Leuven

Christmas market Leuven

Some of the picturesque squares of Leuven are taken over by Christmas markets during Christmas. Here and there you’ll find small wooden cabins with nice gadgets or beautiful Christmas gifts, a winter pop-up bar with hot drinks such as chocolate milk or mulled wine, and of course the numerous stands that sell gin and other strong drinks. Your senses will …

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11 Things to do in Bruges

things to do in Bruges

You’ll never get lost in Bruges. The Belfort or Belfry is one of the points of interest in Bruges that you can always see. Located on the Grand Market, the tower on top of the hall complex is one of the most recognizable points of the city. A climb to the highest point (via the stairs) is one of the …

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Visiting the Blegny mine in Liège

mine of blegny

The Blegny mine was opened in 1779, but it was only after a second opening in 1919 that the mine became really big. After a few setbacks -one of the two shafts was bombed during World War two- the capacity produced visibly increased. At its peak almost 700 people worked in this relatively small mine. In the mine, dozens of …

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The Atomium in Brussels

Atomium Brussels

The first World Expo after the world war was held in Belgium. During this ’58 World Exhibition, the Heysel Park was transformed into an international melting pot of architecture and tourism. Originally it was planned that the Atomium would be broken down after six months, but because it was such a popular monument the Belgian government decided to leave it …

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Skydiving in Spa, Belgium

skydiving in Spa, Belgium

Spa is close to Belgium’s northern neighbors (the Netherlands) and since I live on the other side of Belgium this is still quite a while away. Because of this, I wanted to do my skydive experience on the perfect day and thus I waited patiently for the sun to shine again above our gloomy, Belgian country. That, but the expiration date of of my …

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Gentse Feesten 2016!

Gentse feesten 2016!

In recent weeks, Belgium has been plagued by rain, storms and all kinds of terrible weather perils. It seemed as if the weather Gods had finally improved their mood! The last ten days were hot and sticky; undoubtedly the best weather we ever had during the Ghentse feesten! On July 14, 2016 I arrived at my dear niece, Lisa, who would …

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