Car rental in Naples, Italy: necessity or not?

Renting a car in Italy is generally not very expensive. Naples is much cheaper than the rest of the country, and so is the cost of a rental car. For a week of cruising around in a small car (with air conditioning, of course!) You pay between €60 and €100. That is indeed very cheap, because this means you actually …

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Naples Catacombs

naples catacombs

  This is the most famous attraction of underground Naples. The first thing you’ll probably notice during a visit is that the catacombs are much larger than the (more) famous catacombs of Rome. This has to do with the workability and strength of the tuff, in which they have been excavated. Originally this was the tomb of a noble family, …

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18 Points of interest in Naples, Italy

< The royal castle is characterized by the noble public who lived here. The French, Aragonese, Spanish and Austrian kings have each made their mark on their home in their own way. Originally it was built by Charles I of Anjou in 1279-1282 and afterwards it was gradually expanded. The most impressive addition is definitely the triumphal arch between two …

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Visiting Pompeii: a day trip from Naples, Sorrento or Rome

pompeii day tour

  Read more about… Things to do in Pompeii   |   Visiting Pompeii with public transportation   |   Climbing the Vesuvius   |   Prices and tickets   |   Organized tours and excursions The history of Pompeii goes back to about 700 years before our era. Several tribes and nations rose and fell, until the Romans finally captured it. The city is located southeast of …

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