The dead sea

dead sea israel

Masada or Massada is a four hundred meter high rock, which was taken over strategically by King Herod and his followers. During the Roman occupation of Jerusalem, the Jewish community had to flee, and where better to than in an isolated desert where there is not much more that some very high rocks? After the fall of Jerusalem in 70 …

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Jerusalem city

Ancient Jerusalem city, the wailing wall

It was about a three hour drive with a mandatory pit stop at a souvenir shop before we arrived at the Allenby Bridge border crossing. All this time everything went fairly smooth and after just a little longer than an hour, the whole group was allowed back in to Israel. Well, Israel is actually wrong. For the Allenby Bridge Crossing (or King Hussein …

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Travelling in Jordan

travelling through Jordan

Traveling from Israel to Jordan is a real pain… You must know that Israel is really disliked by most other countries in the Middle East. Previously, anyone who had his or her passport stamped with an Israeli stamp, could no longer enter most Arab / Islamic countries. Fortunately, Israel changed its policy, and now gives a separate piece of paper on which the …

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Golan heights (Syria!) and Galilee

Golan heights and Galilea

At an hour’s drive from Nazareth you’ll also find the city where he performed many miracles, and where a lot of his apostles grew up (or near this city). Capernaum or Capharnaum. To explore this pilgrim town, you pay three shekels (60 cents) and if you’re early enough (opening hours from 08:00h to 16:30h) there are no hordes of Asians …

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Jesr Al-Zarka

Jesr Al-Zarka Israel

We say goodbye to some of the day trippers who came with us to the Kibbutz and head on to Jesr Al-Zarka. With our van we have to drive less than ten minutes before passing under a colorfully decorated arch that makes clear we have arrived at our destination. The difference with the kibbutz could indeed not be greater. Veiled women and …

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Caesarea en Nazareth

Caesarea, Israel

With our van we arrived in Caesarea after only fifteen minutes. A giant port city that was built in the fourth century BC. The city was founded by the Phoenicians, but was soon conquered by the Greeks and later the Romans. After we paid 39 shekels (about $10), we entered the park. To our left we saw a huge amphitheater that is …

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