The 10 best places to visit in Krakow

best places to visit in krakow

  Although this list is written in random order, you should absolutely visit Auschwitz when you’re visiting Krakow. It’s in fact a bit outside Krakow (about 70 km or 43 miles), but you can easily reach this creepy place by public transport. It doesn’t matter how many movies you have seen or how many books you have read about the …

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Visit Poland in one week

visit Poland

Poland is a huge country and there’s a lot to discover. Even so, you can make your vacation as long as you want. A visit to Poland doesn’t have to take up several weeks! With one week in this Eastern European country you can already see a lot. Do you prefer to arrange everything on your own? Then rent a …

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Citytrip Warsaw

citytrip warsaw

I slept for only one hour, but surprisingly I didn’t feel sick or bad at all! I didn’t complain either, because -if I’m honest- this was one of the best times I had while partying abroad! Krakow, you are an amazing city! But now it’s time to get on to my next destination: the capital of the Polish nation: Warsow! …

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Getting from Krakow to Auschwitz: public transport or tour? Tips + info

Auschwitz concentration camp

  If you want to go to Auschwitz from Krakow, you have two possibilities. Either you can book an organized tour, or you can plan the entire trip by yourself by using public transportation. From others’ experiences on forums and some websites, I noticed that many people often thought that the tours were slightly rushed. And they couldn’t wander around in the camps by themselves …

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Citytrip Krakau

Krakow, Poland.

The train from Leo Express was surprisingly comfortable. For only $15 I had a complete wagon for myself, unlimited (fast!) internet and incredibly friendly staff. Too bad that the train had a delay of about forty minutes, because I would miss my bus to Krakow because of this. Or at least, that’s what I thougt… Because the company had scheduled a new bus …

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